Disrupting Sports Training: Can AI Coaches Revolutionize the Fitness Industry?

Key Takeaways

  • Actiquest is an innovative AI-infused fitness and sports app that seeks to revolutionize the industry
  • AI coaches open the possibility of premium sports training reaching the masses
  • Through advanced AI technologies, Actiquest offers personal, adaptable and engaging training plans
  • Actiquest combines deep learning, decision making, computer vision and generative AI enabled with NLP technology
  • AI coaches can also monitor athletes’ performance, providing real-time feedback during training sessions

With the increasing demand in sports, human coaches often find themselves reaching a threshold. Their ability to cater to a diverse array of sportspeople, from novices to professionals, is limited by the traditional coaching methods. Addressing these shortcomings, a promising startup called Actiquest is poised to disrupt sport coaching with autonomous and constantly learning AI sport coaches, bridging the gap between trainees and professional training.

Based in Dover, Delaware, Actiquest is a brainchild of Michael Aprossine, and it caters to a wide array of sports, including tennis, golf, power training, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, rehabilitation gymnastics, and much more. Through their gamified training app, athletes are not only engaged but also receive live recommendations, adjustments to their training plans and rewards based on the results of completing their training blocks, all from an intuitive mobile app.

At the heart of the startup is its cutting-edge application of deep learning, computer vision, and AI, which allows human coaches to digitize the training process and create AI-twin coaches. This means that these AI Coaches can mimic the instructions and recommendations of human coaches, only that they’re always on duty. With the implementation of Deep Learning GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace), robust speech recognition and self-learned computer vision models, fully autonomous AI Coaches can create highly adaptive, personal training plans for athletes, taking into account their unique goals, fitness levels, and progress.

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But Actiquest isn’t stopping there. They are taking athlete engagement to the next level with gamified training blocks to keep workouts challenging yet fun. The AI Coaches continually learn from the athletes themselves, using realistic NLP engine and by processing the athlete’s health data gathered from various sources such as Strava, Google Fit, Garmin Health, etc.

As technology continues to evlove, we can expect revolutionary startups like Actiquest to reshape and redefine the sports and fitness industry. While AI coaching may not replace human coaches entirely, it certainly creates a paradigm shift in the way we approach training. Actiquest has taken a significant step towards making professional-grade training more accessible and appealing to a wider demographic.

With Actiquest’s comprehensive AI approach to sports and fitness training, we can expect more athletes to attain their full potential without feeling overwhelmed or underserved by traditional training methods. For more information about Actiquest and its innovative AI coaching, visit their website, or get connected via their socials: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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