Emerging Influential Social Network Startups Redefining Los Angeles Scene in 2023

The startup scene in Los Angeles, California, has become one of the most thriving and innovative in the United States, particularly in the realm of social networking. These startups are harnessing the power of technology to bring individuals together, assisting them to build connections, communicate, and do business. In this article, we will spotlight some of the most interesting social network startups from LA.

These startups range in focus from dating and professional networking to music and travel. What they all share in common is a passion for using technology to forge human connections. By empowering people to share their experiences, skills, and worldview with others, these startups are revolutionizing the way we perceive and navigate our interconnected world.

In an increasingly digital age, the impact of social network startups on our professional and personal lives is undeniable. Let’s dive into these ambitious LA-based startups that are changing the face of social networking in various industries.


Kippo is an avatar-based world created for meeting new people. Founders Cheeyoon Lee and David Park are pushing the boundaries of social networking in the dating, mobile apps and social media industry, offering a unique and interactive platform for users.


Popcrn, founded by Alfred Muteti and Allan Muteti, is a social marketplace that links freelance creatives to clients and collaborators. This innovative approach connects talent to demand in a flexible and accessible manner.

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The Madeline Elizabeth

Founded by Madeline Elizabeth herself, The Madeline Elizabeth combines lifestyle, fashion, and marketing in a private social networking platform. It challenges classic career planning and offers an innovative approach to professional networking.


Tishter is a global trading social network that enables businesses to manage and trade opportunities. This unique platform enhances international business communications and transactions.


Hulah, founded by Heather Hopkins, is a social network platform that facilitates real conversations among its users. By promoting authenticity, Hulah is changing the way people interact online.


Travel enthusiasts Alex Simon, Frank Scerbo, and Ivan Smirnov founded Elude. The platform takes a user’s budget and travel dates into account to suggest where in the world they can afford to go.


For creators and brands, Geojam enables them to engage and earn together. Founded by Justin Rosenbaum, Nir Golan, and Sam Krichevsky, this platform revolutionizes how creators interact with their communities.


Hiven, started by Oliver Reason and Phineas Walton, connects users to communities and enables group owners to monetize their platforms. This service boosts revenue and appreciation for community-focused content.


Founded by Mikhail Larionov, PeerBoard is a SaaS community platform. It enhances the use of software services while promoting community involvement within organizations.

Stan World

Stan World, co-founded by Aidan Lee and Peter Jung, is a fandom league metaverse that enables fans to compete and earn rewards. This elevates fan engagement and participation in a whole new way.

tive Technology

Created by Leif Martinoff, tive Technology is a marketplace and social network platform meant to serve as an authentic conversation space. It bridges the gap to a new era of access and empowerment.

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Fidarr is championing positive content through the power of its platform. Founder Enyo Sam’s vision is to provide creators with the tools they need to inspire others.


Andrey Andreev, Arthur Nugumanov, and Rosette Pambakian founded Stereo, an app that enables users to connect with new people through audio conversations. This app brings a new dimension to social networking by focusing on voice-based interactions.


As a digital disposable camera social network, Dispo positions itself as a novel player in the social network industry. Co-founders Daniel Liss, David Dobrik, and Natalie Mariduena offer a fresh approach to photo sharing and photography.


el3ment, founded by Jessica Rosenbluth and Leslie Smith, is a platform that aims to expand access for music makers globally. By allowing fans to discover them, the service provides a boost to new, emerging talent.

These Los Angeles-based social networking startups are reshaping industries and connecting people in innovative ways, embodying the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the city. In a world progressively more shifted towards online interaction, their contributions are more vital than ever.

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