Enduring Planet – Financing a Greener Future


As climate change continues to take center stage in the global dialogue, Enduring Planet is paving the way for a sustainable, low-carbon economy. This Portland-based fintech lender is on a mission to provide growth capital to climate entrepreneurs and support the transition to a more environmentally conscious future. With a unique revenue-based financing model, Enduring Planet offers non-dilutive capital to companies in the New Climate Economy.

Revolutionizing Financing for Climate Entrepreneurs

Enduring Planet is not your typical lender. With a focus on the environment, EP invests in companies with a mission to reduce carbon emissions or create solutions for environmental challenges. By using a revenue-based financing model, Enduring Planet aligns their interests with the success of their clients, promoting sustainable growth in the environmental sector.

What does revenue-based financing mean for climate entrepreneurs? Unlike traditional debt-based financing, revenue-based financing offers non-dilutive capital without the burden of debt. This means that climate entrepreneurs can access the capital they need to grow their businesses without having to give up any equity. Enduring Planet’s flexible repayment terms mean that entrepreneurs can focus on building their businesses without worrying about high interest rates or balloon payments.

A Tailored Approach to Financing

Enduring Planet understands that no two companies are the same. That’s why EP takes the time to work with each client to create a tailored financing solution that meets their unique needs. With ticket sizes ranging from $100K to $500K, Enduring Planet can provide growth capital for early-stage startups or help established companies scale to the next level.

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Enduring Planet’s revenue-based financing model is inherently scalable. As a company grows and generates more revenue, their financing will grow with them. This ensures that companies have access to the capital they need to continue growing without the need for additional fundraising rounds.

Building a Greener Future

Enduring Planet is not just a lender – they are an ally in the fight against climate change. By supporting climate entrepreneurs and providing resources for the New Climate Economy, Enduring Planet is helping to build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

As more investors and entrepreneurs turn their attention to the environment, Enduring Planet is providing a path forward for those who want to create positive change. With a focus on growth, sustainability, and innovation, Enduring Planet is leading the way in building a greener future.

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