Exploring Influential New York Social Network Startups Shaping 2023 Landscape

In the bustling City of New York, social network startups are sprouting like spring blossoms, each one with a unique way to connect and support communities. These innovative startups span across a wide range of fields ranging from professional networking and travel to sports and arts. We dive into some of these startups that are fostering connections, empowering users and redesigning the way social interactions are made.

These startups are pushing boundaries in their respective industries, deploying various innovative approaches to make social networking more interactive and impactful. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast looking to connect over a racquet game, or a digital nomad seeking companionship in local communities, there seems to be a niche for everyone. Let’s delve into these innovative startups operating out of New York:

Remember to give each website a visit to understand each brand’s unique approach and mission.


Founded by Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, Chief is a private membership network that aims to connect and support women executive leaders. It operates in the industries of communities, professional networking, and social network focused on women.


Mita Carriman founded Adventurely with the goal of connecting digital nomads to each other and their new local communities. The startup plays in the communities, social impact, social network, tourism, and travel industries.

Break the Love

Unlocking access to racquet sport activities across underutilized spaces is Break the Love. Founders Tess Szymanski, Tiffany Kelly, and Trisha Goyal operate in communities, social network, and sports industries.

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Fourplay Social

Fourplay Socialis a mobile-first social network for single friends, where users team up to double date other pairs of friends. It’s the brainchild of Danielle Dietzek and Julie Griggs, working in the apps, dating, mobile apps, social network, and software industries.

Quack – Friends of friends

With Quack, making connections through the people you trust – your friends have never been easier. The startup operates in the messaging, mobile apps, and social network industries.


Founded by Mark Lee and Terry Kim, Reals is a social video network that encourages people to share an authentic, unfiltered side of their everyday lives.


Connect with people through podcasts, news, gardening, travel, yoga, grooming, food, and fashion staples with HipSilver. Founder Gail Bruce has created a unique little niche with this startup.


Travelers, professionals, and businesses can discover and connect around mutual interests and stories with UPJAUNT. Creators Mohan Ramanujam and Sanjay Raghavan set the venture in various industries like artificial intelligence, location-based services, mobile apps, photo sharing, social network, social shopping, and travel.

Studio Visit

Studio Visit is perfect for those interested in art, content creation, social networking, and the like. Founder Patrick Steadman created an app for studio visits.

EkChat, Inc.

Founders Ali Salamat and Naveen Arya bring social, chat, and payments all in one place with EkChat, Inc. The venture covers fields such as messaging, mobile, mobile apps, social, social media, and social network.


Meet like-minded people (virtually too) with DownToDash. The activity-based social networking platform was created by Anuja Shah and Sama Jashnani.

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Caster, founded by Andrew Snyder and David F. Fair, streamlines the event planning process for social events within its digital platform. Its focus areas include apps, communities, event management, and social networking.


Daniela Passos spearheaded the creation of Phovi, a Social Platform that connects users through Multiplayer Games, Communities, and Offline Experiences. The platform operates in the gaming, mobile apps, online games, social media, social network, and video chat industries.


Creatively connects the creative community through best-in-class portfolios, collaborative features, and opportunities around the globe. Founders Joe Indriolo and Stacey Bendet have developed a platform with a diversified industry span like communities, event promotion, fashion, media and entertainment, private social networking, professional networking, professional services, social network, and social recruiting.


A crypto social network that rewards and empowers curators is what Nir Kabessa and Vernon Johnson have achieved with Yup. It operates in the blockchain, browser extensions, Internet, and social network industries.

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