Exploring Influential Tampa Financial Services Startups Shaping Industry Trends 2023

Tampa, Florida holds an impressive lineup of financial services startups, offering a diverse and high-quality range of services. These startups are substantively contributing to the growing startup scene in Tampa and are characterizing the city as a hotbed of innovation. Ranging from advice and asset management to insurance solutions, venture capital investment to real estate investing, these startups are making a significant impact in the financial services landscape. In this article, we take a look at some of these promising enterprises that are redefining traditional business models.

Independent Financial Partners

Independent Financial Partners is an investment adviser and insurance agency offering crucial services such as compliance and asset management. Founded by William E Hamm, it operates broadly within the advice, asset management, consulting, and financial services industry.

FinFit Life

FinFit Life uniquely combines financial and physical fitness by providing innovative insurance solutions. Spearheaded by Howard E. Sharfman and John Irvin, it operates within the financial services, insurance and lifestyle industry.

Carter Funds

Carter Funds is a noteworthy real estate company, offering financial services in real estate and real estate investment.


A111 is an investment company offering financial services, capital investments, and business development solutions. It operates in the finance, financial services, and venture capital industry.

Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions

Ebenezer Mortgage Solutions is a financial services company offering a wide range of loan services, including refinance services. It operates within the finance, financial services, and lending industry.

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Covercasa brings full transparency into the home insurance market. Founded by Stephanie Lee, it operates in the financial services, insurance, and property insurance industry.

Darwin Partners

Darwin Partners is a financial services company offering diverse services like investment strategies, risk, wealth, and asset management. It operates within the asset management, consulting, financial services, and wealth management industry.


Anzuspac is a blank check company specializing in share exchange, stock purchase, asset acquisition, and similar business operations in the financial exchanges, financial services, and stock exchanges industry.

Quantum FinTech Acquisition

Quantum FinTech Acquisition Corporation is a financial services enterprise offering asset management, business development, business information systems, finance, financial services, fintech, and quality assurance services.

Theron Properties

Theron Properties provides renovation, restoration, investment opportunities, loans, lending, and real estate financing services in the financial services, real estate, and real estate investment industry.

SP Global Ventures

SP Global Ventures offers crucial real estate and equipment financing services in the financial services, leasing, and real estate industry.

Carriage House Planning

Carriage House Planning is an investment advisory, financial planning, and wealth management company operating in the consulting, financial services, and wealth management industry.

Abalaris Business Ventures

Abalaris Business Ventures is a providers of financial services in the finance and financial services industry.

Expand Financial

Expand Financial is a B2B software company founded by Blake Makholm, Ethan Deming, and Ethan Finchum that offers APIs that implement into preexisting consumer-facing financial platforms. It operates within the finance, financial services, fintech, and software industry.

Buckalew Financial Services

Buckalew Financial Services takes pride in providing clients with the individual attention required to match them with the right insurance plan. It operates within the financial services, health insurance, and life insurance industry.

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