Exploring Influential Travel Startups Revolutionizing LA’s Tourism Industry

Hollywood, Silicon Beach, and the home of angels, Los Angeles is the perfect combination of culture, technology, entertainment, and innovation. Thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit as well as its unrivaled creativity, LA has spawned a variety of unique travel startups that are transforming the way we explore and experience the world. From enabling sustainable tourism to reshaping the lodging industry, these startups are at the forefront of cutting-edge travel trends.

In today’s hyper-connected and increasingly globalized world, travel startups are more important than ever. They align technology, services, and modern sensibilities to offer comprehensive and accessible travel solutions for all. Whether it’s individual travelers, businesses, or governmental entities looking to leverage the power of travel for their own purposes, these startups are revolutionizing the industry.

Los Angeles, one of the world’s travel hubs, is using its strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and capital backed strength to fuel these travel startups. Whether it’s a platform for booking unique vacations or a service that helps to manage vacation rentals, the startup scene in the city is creating innovative solutions to age old travel problems. Here are some of the most promising and interesting travel startups in the City of Angels.


Dack, co-founded by Damon Mintzer, is a SaaS platform aimed at enhancing home-stay experiences. By leveraging advanced technology, Dack allows homeowners and property managers to streamline guest management, property maintenance, and customer service in the hospitality sector.

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Imperium Jets

Identified as the Airbnb for private jets, Imperium Jets turns idle flights into profitable ventures by allowing the public to buy individual seats on private jets. Lidor Revah and Ron Bentata are the masterminds behind this unique approach towards air transportation and tourism.


Revolutionizing the world of vacation rentals, Buoy provides a comprehensive revenue management tool. Thanks to founders Candice Speicher, Szabolcs Pasztor, and Tim Speicher, this startup has successfully bridged the gap between leisure, tourism, and travel industry management.

CurEnt Group

CurEnt Group aims to offer clients exclusive access to unique entertainment events, concerts, and shows. The brilliant minds of founders Joel Menzin and Lee Barkalow made this possible, merging the events, hospitality, and travel industries.


Gypsee delivers a unique approach to travel planning with its slogan: “Travel with Friends: Simplified.” This platform was created by Alex Donley, Andrew Thompson, and Atlás Blake, revolutionizing the concept of group travel and making it more accessible and convenient than ever.


Elude, founded by Alex Simon, Frank Scerbo, and Ivan Smirnov, shows users every city they can afford to visit based on their travel budgets and available dates. It is an exceptional blend of tech, social networking, and the passion for travel, making trip planning an effortlessly exciting venture.

500 Experiences

Unique and non-touristy experiences, from hiking to helicopter rides, are curated by 500 Experiences, co-founded by Artemiy Erokhin and Yaroslav Pasichnychenko. Its innovative approach towards planning enriching and immersive experiences is indeed transformative.


Fusing blockchain technology with travel, JetSet, founded by Amar Bhakta and Zena Patel, offers a unique travel ecosystem that enables travelers to save on international purchases and cash withdrawals.

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Tripmory is an online marketplace that empowers travelers to discover, research, and concoct unforgettable and meaningful journeys. Gil Perez, one of the founders, shares the vision of creating immersive travel experiences through their platform.

Lowest Flight Fare

Thanks to Lowest Flight Fare, finding cheap flight tickets is no longer a daunting task. Founded by Tusheen Kaur, this agency assists travellers in minimizing their air transportation costs.

Southern California Pet Transport

Offering professional pet transport services, Southern California Pet Transport makes domestic and international pet shipping easy and efficient. This startup addresses a key issue for pet owners ensuring that their beloved pets can safely travel with them.


DPGO is an AI-driven dynamic pricing tool for hosts which enables them to optimize their revenue. This data-driven tool is revolutionizing the rental property and travel sectors, making it an instrumental tool for hosts globally.


Offering custom itineraries from anything seen online, Triptomize allows travelers to instantly book their dream travel experience. This incredibly innovative startup was founded by Jordan Griffin and Zachary Chien.


Savely, co-founded by Christopher Shiner, Hov Marukyan, and Matt Wood aims to assists with individual’s traveling and financial targets by leveraging digital marketing. It is a game-changer for both the travel and financial services industries.

The future of the travel industry is here, and it is being shaped by these LA-based startups. They exemplify the ethos of innovation, disruption, and progress that Los Angeles–a city of dreamers, creators, and innovators–is renowned for. They continue to redefine travel with their game-changing platforms, making the world a more accessible and connected place.

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