Exploring LA’s Game-Changing Information Services Startups to Watch in 2023

The city of Los Angeles has attracted a bunch of tech startups, mainly focusing on the information services industry. In the city where Hollywood resides, finding ultimate tech solutions isn’t a daunting task anymore. Startups such as Vatom, Techacker, Freetrials.com, QuaGrowth, RE-INVIG, Savely, Cpeedy Inc, Nimbus33, Sena Mac, ProSe Claims, Flique Editorial, SewingMachinePrice, Exo-Space, Unite Kitchens, and Profi have made an aura that resonates with innovation and expertise.

LA startups have not only emphasized customer satisfaction but also coalesced design and technology to climb up the myriad steps of digitalization. They are bringing a tech-first approach to dynamic sectors and are reaping the benefits of early adoption. Without any further ado, let’s get an exclusive sneak peek into these information service startups.

Please note that the arrangement of the startups is arbitrary and bears no relevance to any of the rankings or the popularity of the company. The list ensures to entail a brief introduction of the startups, their website links for further exploration, and the name of the founder(s) wherever available.


Vatom is a renowned name in the Information Services and Information Technology industry. This startup is best known as an engagement platform. The brains leading this venture are Eric Pulier and Michael Judd.


Founded in the heart of LA, Techacker has established itself as an online media service-based company. Techacker operates primarily in the Information Services, Internet, Media, and Entertainment industry.

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Freetrials.com is a technology company that offers web aggregator and information services on a wide range of products, with a key focus on movies. Perfectly designed for the Information Technology and Internet industry.


QuaGrowth is a progressive Email Marketing agency assisting eCommerce companies to accelerate brand growth and increase store revenue. This startup primarily operates in the Information Services sector.


Absolute in the Information Technology domain, RE-INVIG delivers managed IT, communication, and cloud solution services.


Savely is an online platform delivering digital marketing assistance for reaching traveling and financial targets. Founded by Christopher Shiner, Hov Marukyan, and Matt Wood, this startup makes a big mark in the Information Services industry.

Cpeedy Inc

Cpeedy Inc provides ingenious solutions in the E-Commerce sector, offering a wide range of services including Apps, Courier Service, Food Delivery, Ride Sharing, etc. Founded by Aamir But, this startup has notably marked its presence in the Information Services industry.


Co-founded by Larry Smith, Nimbus33 delivers smart financial choices and ideas on making and save money.

Sena Mac

Founded by Michael Chase, the startup Sena Mac is a tech pioneer in the Information Service industry.

ProSe Claims

ProSe Claims is a legal tech company offering actionable legal solutions through a directory of virtual legal services.

Flique Editorial

An online community for the creative minds, Flique Editorial provides a platform for newcomers to exchange ideas and showcase their unique voice.


SewingMachinePrice.com reviews and publishes guides about Sewing Machines of various brands like Singer, Brother, Juki & Janome, etc.


Incepted by Marcel Lariviere and Mark Lorden, Exo-Space is a leading startup which provides hardware and software solutions for new-age satellites.

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Unite Kitchens

Unite Kitchens, founded by Ish Boudrar, is a community and technology-focused kitchen rental service firm.


Co-founded by Alina Trigubenko, Regina Akhmadullina, and Suren Avunjian, Profi is an operating platform for professional service providers such as coaches, trainers, consultants, and therapists.

These startups from Los Angeles are game-changers, designing experiences and transforming the world with their innovative and disruptive solutions. This incredible group represents just a fraction of the startups that are reshaping varied sectors and contributing to the local economy.

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