Exploring LA’s Most Influential TV Startups Breaking Barriers in 2023

Los Angeles, California, often revered as the entertainment capital of the world, is home to a burgeoning ecosystem of fascinating television startups. These innovative businesses are leveraging the latest technology, creative storytelling, and data-driven strategies to redefine content generation and consumption in the television industry. As the lines between traditional broadcasting and online digital streaming continue to blur, these startups are at the forefront of creating immersive and engaging entertainment experiences for audiences.

From esports and reality TV to commercial production and social engagement, these businesses are defining the new wave in television content that’s set to captivate audiences and dominate our screens. Here’s a closer look at fourteen exemplary Los Angeles-based TV startups that are causing a stir in the industry.

These startups have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the highly competitive television industry by bringing unique concepts, cutting-edge technology, and innovative programming strategies to the table. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the dynamic world of these intriguing startups.


ESTV, founded by Eric Yoon, is an esports channel that provides 24/7 live linear and ad-based video on demand. Catering to the growing popularity of eSports, ESTV focuses on bringing the thrill and excitement of competitive gaming to its audience.

Jumpcut Media

Specializing in data-driven entertainment, Jumpcut Media is a ground-breaking startup founded by Kartik Hosanagar. The company focuses on creating films and television shows for a global audience through creative storytelling and data analytics.

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Fox Soul

Offering streaming services with a twist, Fox Soul is a television network company that provides unique and engaging content to its viewers. The startup prides itself on producing and sharing new and innovative shows.

Worldwide Casting

Worldwide Casting is a startup that excels in finding talent for commercials, TV shows, game shows, reality shows, online content, and more. This platform helps producers and directors find the perfect talent for their productions.

Revery Media

Founded by Fred Graver and Justin Schaefer, Revery Media is a unique development and production studio specialized in producing narrative content for smart speakers, blending the boundaries between audio and visual entertainment.


PluckStudio is a video agency specializing in TV commercials and social ads, offering businesses a creative platform to tell their stories and engage with their audience.

Atypical Artists

Founded by Lauren Shippen, Atypical Artists is an all-in-house production studio focusing on fresh narratives across various entertainment mediums.

Curation Entertainment

Curation Entertainment develops and produces innovative television series and offers unique perspectives through their engaging content.


Offering film, television, and event services, HDSCreative is a company focused on delivering cutting-edge production and creative services to its clients.


Gitoni is an entertainment company producing reality TV shows, commercials, and documentaries.


Conteur excels in providing fashion film and commercial production services, combining the worlds of fashion and television into engaging content.


bspoketv, founded by Michael Dutcher, brings beauty, fashion, and lifestyle to the screens with their specialized network.

Brandon TV

Brandon TV is a digital studio focused on providing a variety of content including TV shows, films, and reimagined music.

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Ninety 90 Pictures

Ninety 90 Pictures is a unique film and TV production company, offering jobs and peer support to individuals recovering from substance addiction, making a mark in the social impact sphere within the entertainment industry.

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