Exploring Los Angeles’ Revolutionary Blockchain Startups Reshaping the Future

Los Angeles, a city known for its glitz and glamour, is paving the way for blockchain development in the United States. With the advent of blockchain technology, startups in the city are harnessing its potential to innovate and create new solutions across various sectors. The following are some of the noteworthy blockchain startups in Los Angeles that are giving a new dimension to the industry.

These startups, with their emphasis on decentralization, are changing the paradigm of how businesses are conducted. By embedding trust, transparency, and security in every operation, blockchain is redefining industries from gaming and entertainment to real estate and logistics. Let’s delve into some of these startups that are leading the blockchain revolution in Los Angeles.

The blockchain scene in Los Angeles is dynamic and diverse and extends to multiple sectors like gaming, internet, information technology, payments, software, and much more. These startups represent the ethos of the city – an indomitable spirit that is inventive and enterprising.


Founded by Armando Kirwin and Ryan Horrigan, Artie aims to redefine the mobile gaming experience for players and improve the economics of mobile games for developers. They are leveraging blockchain technology to transform the digital entertainment, gaming, mobile, and social media space. Artie is making waves in the blockchain world with its innovative approach toward mobile gaming.


EthSign is the first decentralized, versioned E-Signing platform built on Web 3. Founded by Jack X., Potter Li, and Xin Yan, this startup is transforming traditional e-signature solutions with its game-changing blockchain technology. It operates in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, e-signature, and enterprise application industries.

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Moving towards digital consumer experience, FlickPlay is a Web3 social app where users may use NFTs to create AR films by unlocking them in the physical world. Co-founded by Pierina Merino, FlickPlay operates in the challenging realm of blockchain, consumer software, and the internet. Check out FlickPlay to see this interesting application of blockchain in AR.

Digital Insight Games

Digital Insight Games is a gaming studio that aims to build AAA blockchain RPGs. Focused on the blockchain, gaming, and video games industry, this startup is combining gaming with cutting-edge blockchain technology to create a new realm of user experience.


Abridged provides tools that allow developers to build applications using blockchain technology. This startup, founded by James Young and Raymond Feng, is transforming the blockchain, information technology, software, and web development industries with its unique tools and solutions.


Sator, an open-source P2P platform for the international television market, is integrating blockchain with information technology and mobile apps to revolutionize the TV market. Founded by Chris Chris and Isla Perfito, Sator‘s innovative approach to television broadcasting is attracting interest from across the globe.

Global Oculus

Offering a range of services, from blockchain to UX design and transaction processing, Global Oculus is reshaping how businesses operate. Their enterprise software development is rooted in blockchain, bringing a fresh perspective to business operations and payment developments.


Marble, the first platform for bringing the Metaverse and NFTs to the real world, is working at the forefront of Augmented Reality (AR), blockchain, and e-commerce platforms. Co-founded by Julius Freund and Tom Brückner, Marble is carving a niche for itself in the AR and blockchain space.

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Shypr is a web3 logistics aggregator to compare pricing for logistics needs. Ideal for the last mile transportation, logistics, mobile apps, same-day delivery, and shipping sectors, Shypr is the brainchild of Bernard G. and Obdul Reid. This startup is fusing blockchain and cryptocurrency to provide innovative logistics solutions.


JetSet, a blockchain-powered end-to-end travel ecosystem, helps travelers save on international purchases and cash withdrawals. Amar Bhakta and Zena Patel have founded JetSet to leverage blockchain to innovate in the travel industry.


Justin Rosenbaum, Nir Golan, and Sam Krichevsky are the founders of Geojam. It is a unique social media platform for creators, brands, and their communities to engage and earn together. Geojam operates in the blockchain, consumer applications, content creators, cryptocurrency, and media and entertainment sectors. Visit their website to see blockchain and social media integration at its best.

Frenchy Digital

Specializing in AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, mobile apps, software, web apps, and web development, Frenchy Digital is a software company providing customized web and mobile app development services. Co-founded by Chris Machetto, Frenchy Digital is making strides in the world of AI, blockchain, and software development.

Divergent Creative Society

Divergent Creative Society is a group of creative technologists and brand architects. Their expertise ranges from online applications, AI, blockchain, brand marketing, consulting to machine learning. They offer comprehensive growth technologies for businesses.


Entar is backed by physical assets and operates in blockchain and real estate. Founded by Corey Chambers, Entar is driving blockchain integration in the real estate sector, improving transparency, and streamlining transactions.

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Spatial Labs

Spatial Labs, a leading hardware-software infrastructure company, is shaping the future of consumer experience and connectivity between brands through its digital marketing solutions and software for businesses. Founded by Iddris Sandu, Spatial Labs is leveraging blockchain to create interactive consumer experiences.

These innovators are propelling Los Angeles toward a blockchain-driven economy. Their diverse applications of this disruptive technology are a testament to the limitless potential of blockchain. Watch this space for more updates on the dynamic blockchain startup scene in Los Angeles.

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