Exploring Miami’s Influential AI Startups Shaping America’s Tech Landscape

Miami is one of the many cities in the United States that has become a prolific player in technological innovation and start-up development. In the midst of this boom, artificial intelligence, or AI, has captured the attention of investors and entrepreneurs alike, with applications ranging from contract and document review to drone technology. With a growing number of AI-powered startups, Miami is presenting lucrative investment opportunities and the potential for economic growth, as well as creating a vibrant AI community.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a scientific discipline aimed at creating machines or software that exhibit human intelligence. This discipline encompasses a variety of approaches, and has applications in many fields, including computer science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and neuroscience. By merging AI with diverse fields, these startups are changing the way we live and work, by revolutionizing everything from business operations to personal convenience.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most interesting AI start-ups in Miami, disclosing their core products or services, respective industries, and founders. These companies are at the forefront of AI technology, seeking to improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy within various sectors. Let’s dive in:

Document Crunch

Document Crunch is an innovative AI platform that focuses on reviewing contracts and documents. Founders Adam Handfinger, Adam Nadler, and Jennifer Bush have tapped into the potential of AI in the ever-growing Computer and Software industry.

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Sustainable Skylines

Sustainable Skylines presents a unique blend of drone technologies, AI, and data analytics for transforming aerial advertising. The startup was founded by Brenda Stonecipher, Jacob Stonecipher, and Tim Carlisle.


Under the guidance of Armen Avak Avakian, Chris Closset, and Stepan Aslanyan, Hexact is on a mission to offer AI-driven assistants that work in the cloud, targeting businesses of all sizes.

PTO Genius

Introducing AI to Human Resources, founders Adam P. Gordon, Emp Pi, and Ulises I. Orozco from PTO Genius seek to automate and optimise Paid Time Off to enhance employee loyalty and reduce operational costs.


With their AI tool, Babelus, founded by Luis Juarez, aids global procurement teams in keeping supplier databases current and accurate, delivering outstanding results.

Magellan Consulting Group

The Magellan Consulting Group offers comprehensive business consulting services, including digital transformation, data analytics, and AI services, operating in the intersection of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Consulting industry.

Voyance Technologies

Utilizing AI in Advanced Weapon Detection, Voyance Technologies, founded by Mostafa Abdel-Mottaleb and Rashed Kashem, brings about a revolutionary approach to safety and security in Smart Cities.

Mango Soft Inc

With a specialty in Enterprise Software Mango Soft Inc, founded by Jairo Gonzalez, Marta Visbal, and Paul Kühne, brings forth AI-infused solutions for a range of business needs.

Lien Library

Lien Library, founded by Mac Alabre and Rohansen Joseph, provides a new approach to accessing, monitoring, and gathering liens on properties, using machine learning and data analysis to enhance real estate processes.


Offering trend detection through proprietary cutting-edge computer vision technology by their AI platform, Oqullo cofounders Javier Ribera and Zohar Kapach are reimagining retail technology.

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Market Makers Method

Developing within the Finance industry, Market Makers Method, founded by Nick Nechanicky, provides a unique financial software service powered by artificial intelligence.


Wisecut, founded by Ivo Machado and Vicente Machado, capitalizes on generative AI and speech recognition to automatically edit videos, turning long hours of footage into attention-grabbing clips.


Making boat ownership hassle-free, Boatrax, by founders Aleksandar Rasevski, Arturo Malave, and David Villegas, introduces AI to the boating industry through IoT.


Spearheaded by Eugene Buckley, Calculum uses analytics and an AI system to support the optimization of financial supply chains in the FinTech industry.


Founders Alejandro Martinez Agenjo and Ricardo Michel Reyes Martinez of Erudit, apply the latest technologies so companies can obtain timely, reliable People Analytics for data-powered decisions.

These Miami-based start-ups are at the forefront of the AI boom, aiming to revolutionize society and industry with their innovative technologies. Showcasing the breadth and diversity of AI ventures, they underline the importance and potentiality of this emerging technology in our everyday lives and work.

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