Exploring Miami’s Most Influential Advertising Startups Transforming Industry in 2023

Located at the southeastern tip of the U.S. state of Florida, Miami is known for its vibrant neighborhoods, dynamic art scenes, and some of the world’s most innovative startups. One industry in Miami that is experiencing a renaissance is advertising. This city has become a hotbed for advertising start-ups, with a wave of new companies harnessing new technologies to transform the industry. In this article, we will delve into the world of Miami-based advertising startups, discuss their founders, and the innovative solutions they provide to diverse industries.

Sustainable Skylines

Sustainable Skylines, founded by Brenda Stonecipher, Jacob Stonecipher, and Tim Carlisle, is making a significant transformation in advertising by merging drone technologies and data analytics. The company operates in the Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Computer Vision industries. Sustainable Skylines is keen on revolutionizing aerial advertising, bring a new perspective and more efficiency to the advertising scene. Visit their website at www.sustainableskylines.com

Product Lab LLC

Product Lab LLC, a brainchild of founders Jason Bennick, is a prominent digital product agency based in Miami, FL. This startup operates in the Advertising, Consulting, and Information Technology industries, delivering a range of efficient solutions for businesses. To learn more about Product Lab LLC, visit their website at www.productlab.dev

Media Trends Group

The Media Trends Group is an advertising agency that offers diverse services in marketing, e-commerce, web development, ERP, CRM, social media marketing, and consulting. It operates in the Advertising, B2B, Consulting, CRM, E-Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Training, and Web Development industries. Find more about this startup on their website www.mediatrendsgroup.com/

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Wild Pixel Media

Wild Pixel Media is an advertising agency providing a range of services in the fields of Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design, and Web Development. They are known for their creative and innovative designs, helping businesses stand out in the market. Discover more about Wild Pixel Media on their website at www.wpixelm.com


Laikad is a notable startup that provides exceptional services in the fields of Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Marketing. They focus on offering groundbreaking digital marketing and advertising services to businesses. To learn more about Laikad, visit www.laikad.com

Level Up

Level Up is a direct marketing agency offering services in Advertising, Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Sales. This startup provides design services, sales, and business management services, helping businesses to level up their performance and competitiveness. Visit their website at www.levelup-miami.com for more information.


Founded by Linda Lycett and Thomas Knapp, MediaMagic is a digital transformation company in the Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Social Media industries. This startup enhances client revenues through Social Media Advertising, SEO, among others. For more about MediaMagic, check out their website www.teammediamagic.com/

Lineout Media

Lineout Media is a digital marketing agency offering advertising, search engine optimization, and email marketing services. They operate in the Advertising, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, and Social Media industries. Further details about Lineout Media can be found at www.lineout.com

Journeys Through Search

Journeys Through Search provides content creation, SEO, and PPC services. Their expertise extends to Advertising, Call Center, Consulting, CRM, Outsourcing, and SEO. More about this startup can be found at www.journeysthroughsearch.com

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SEO Reseller

Peter Shimming founded SEO Reseller with a goal to provide services to digital professionals that aid them in growing a profitable business. They operate in both Advertising and Consulting industries, with a specialty in SEO. For more information visit www.seoresellerusa.com/.

5Geo Digital Services

5Geo Digital Services offers website design, advertising, search engine optimization, and social media management services. This company operates in the Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO, and Web Design industries. More about 5Geo can be found at www.5geo.com

Dope Trifecta Media

Dope Trifecta Media is a digital media agency specializing in Advertising, Content Creators, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, and Web Design. Find out more about Dope Trifecta Media on their website www.dopetrifectamedia.com.

Mister Advertising

Ignacio Gerberg founded Mister Advertising, an advertising services company operating in the Advertising and SEM fields. Learn more about Mister Advertising on their website www.misteradvertising.com.

Macom Agency

Macom Agency is a digital marketing agency offering a range of services including digital communication strategy, graphic design, and web design. They operate in the Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Design industries. More details about Macom Agency can be found at www.macomagencia.com.


Menards.Agency is an advertising startup specializing in SEO, advertising, and social media management services. They operate in the Advertising, Marketing, and SEO industries. For more information about this startup, visit their website at www.menards.agency.

In conclusion, the advertising startups mentioned above represent a small fraction of the innovation happening in Miami, Florida. The dynamism and diversity in these companies are quite impressive, each contributing a unique approach to transform the advertising landscape.

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