Exploring New York’s Most Influential News Startups Skyrocketing in 2023

New York is not only the financial capital of the world but it’s also a major hub for technological innovation, with many startups looking to disrupt traditional industries. Today, we will be showcasing and examining some of the most interesting news startups from the Big Apple. These companies are leveraging new technologies and methodologies to reshape the way we consume news.

These startups are revolutionizing the news industry by introducing innovative approaches that allow consumers to access and interact with news content in new ways. They’re producing journalism that targets various niche markets, introducing refreshing new voices into the media landscape, and leveraging social networks to reach wider audiences.

From digital newspapers and financial information firms to news apps focused on K-pop and climate change, follow along as we profile these innovative news startups from New York.

Air Mail

Air Mail is a digital weekly newspaper founded by Graydon Carter. The company operates in the news and publishing industry, aiming to reshape the way consumers interact with written news. Although it’s still early days for this startup, its approach to bringing weekly news to the digital age offers a refreshing outlook in the newspaper industry.

The Defiant

Operating at the intersection of tech and finance, The Defiant gives users a new platform to access news. Spearheaded by founder Camila Russo, The Defiant is navigating unchartered waters in the finance, information services, and news industries.

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Courier Newsroom

Courier Newsroom is a media company that publishes news and information on social media platforms and online channels to communities. Their content covers a range of topics, from politics to lifestyle, ensuring there’s always something relevant for their readers.

Dot Dot Dot Media

Founded by Derek Dodge and Laurie Segall, Dot Dot Dot Media is a news and entertainment company. What sets them apart is their focus on creating human-centric content about technology.


From sports and tech news to celebrity gossip, CengNews offers a diverse range of content. While the founders remain anonymous, they are certainly making waves in the media and entertainment, news, and sports industries.


Imagn is part of the USA today network and specializes in capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments in breaking news, sports, and entertainment.

Ten Million USD

Ten Million USD provides readers with an array of news and articles within the realms of education, technology, sport, health, and other fields of knowledge.

Half Basis

Half Basis, founded by JM GR, focuses on our environment and the issues related to climate change. They take a new approach to these topics by pooling together collective resources.

Moss Studio + Magazine

Moss Studio + Magazine is a video production company providing studio production, motion graphics, and audio services. Despite not releasing the names of their founders, they prove to be a force in the audio news and video industry.


theQoos is an app that is singularly devoted to providing users with K-Pop news, photos, and videos.


LibraCrunch offers specialized news covering Facebook’s digital currency “Libra”, Facebook’s digital wallet “Calibra” and the whole ecosystem around them.

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This Week in Fintech

Founded by Nik Milanović, This Week in Fintech is a weekly digest of news, opinions, and all things connected with financial technology.

Comic Years

Comic Years is a media publishing company that specializes in content creation revolving around digital entertainment and news related to comics.


Salon.com is proudly one of the first entirely digital major media outlets, disseminating news through its platform.

The Istanbul Post

The Istanbul Post provides the latest news from Turkey and around the world in English, giving readers a deeper understanding of these regions.

As the landscape of news consumption continuously evolves, these startups from New York are stepping up to the plate, utilizing unique approaches to innovate the news and to redefine the way we receive and process information.

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