FetchGoat Industries – Revolutionizing Last-Mile Delivery Management

For enterprise shippers that manage multiple last-mile delivery partners, the logistics of tracking and monitoring all those providers can be a nightmare. This is where FetchGoat comes in, as a logistics SaaS company that provides affordable visibility solutions for shippers that manage multiple delivery partners. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into how FetchGoat is revolutionizing last-mile delivery management.

Connecting the World’s Largest Delivery Network

FetchGoat was founded by industry veterans, who recognized that the world’s largest delivery network already exists, but it’s currently fragmented and disconnected. The vision was to create a single, easy-to-access system that connects delivery providers in every city across the country. By providing an affordable delivery management system for enterprise shippers, they are able to connect a nationwide network of the highest performing delivery agents.

Providing Affordable Visibility Solutions with a Single Dashboard

One of the biggest challenges facing enterprise shippers today is managing and monitoring multiple delivery providers. FetchGoat’s solution is to provide a single dashboard that enables real-time tracking and monitoring of all delivery partners. With this, shippers can easily manage multiple providers without the need for multiple platforms or systems.

Their solution provides visibility into every shipment, enabling shippers to monitor route optimization, delivery times, and service levels. This real-time information helps shippers identify and address issues as they arise, allowing them to make informed decisions and choose the best delivery partner for each shipment.

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Creating a Delivery Management System that Saves Time and Money

FetchGoat’s solution saves time and money for enterprise shippers by eliminating the need for manual tracking and monitoring of multiple delivery partners. By providing a single dashboard that tracks all deliveries in real-time, shippers can focus on their core business rather than the logistics of managing deliveries.

Not only does it save shippers time, but it also helps them save money. By providing visibility into every shipment, shippers can identify and address issues before they become bigger problems. This ultimately helps reduce the number of failed deliveries, which can save shippers significant amounts of money over time.


FetchGoat is revolutionizing the delivery management industry by providing an affordable solution for enterprise shippers to manage multiple last-mile delivery providers. Their single dashboard provides real-time tracking and monitoring, helping shippers save time and money. By connecting the largest delivery network in the world, they are creating a better delivery experience for everyone involved.

Website: https://fetchgoat.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fetchgoat

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