From Climate to Automation: 15 San Francisco Startups to Watch

From Sustainability to Productivity, Meet 15 Startups Transforming the Industry

San Francisco is home to some of the most dynamic and innovative startups in the world. The city’s thriving tech scene continues to produce new companies that are changing the way we live and work. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 of the most interesting software startups in San Francisco, ranging from climate and sustainability-focused eCommerce to robotic process automation and microservices management.

Watershed: Reducing Carbon Footprint in Weeks, Not Years

Watershed is a software platform that allows companies to run a world-class climate program. The platform helps companies reduce their carbon footprint in weeks, not years, making sustainability a more accessible goal. With its cloud data services, information technology, internet, and software, Watershed is making strides in creating a more sustainable future.

Redpanda Data: Unifying Historical and Real-Time Data

Redpanda Data offers a Kafka API compatible streaming platform that unifies historical and real-time data. With its analytics, big data, consulting, developer tools, information technology, and software, Redpanda Data is making it easier for businesses to access and make sense of their data.

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One: Making Banking Better

One is a provider of banking services that is changing the way we think about banking. With its focus on customer experience, One is making banking easier and more accessible. With its banking, financial services, fintech, and software, One is a promising newcomer to the financial world.

Scratchpad: Streamlining Salespeople’s Work

Scratchpad is a productivity tool that helps salespeople do their work faster and more efficiently. With its CRM, information technology, productivity tools, SaaS, sales, sales automation, and software, Scratchpad is revolutionizing the sales process by reducing clicks and tabs, and eliminating waiting times for pages to load.

Almanac: Async Collaboration at Its Best

Almanac is a powerful platform for async collaboration, with its collaboration, knowledge management, productivity tools, and software. Almanac makes it easier for teams to collaborate asynchronously, making it easier to work across time zones and schedules.

Baseten: Building Machine-Learning-Powered Applications Fast

Baseten is a serverless backend that offers a fast way to build machine-learning-powered applications. With its focus on artificial intelligence, developer tools, machine learning, software, and software engineering, Baseten is helping businesses create innovative solutions quickly and efficiently.

Epoch: Automating Virtual and In-Person Internal Events

Epoch is a software application that automates virtual and in-person internal events, enabling employee experiences. With its focus on human resources, information services, office administration, scheduling, and software, Epoch is making it easier for businesses to create memorable and effective events.

Scribe: Sharing Work Processes

Scribe is a productivity tool that enables users to share how work is done, making it easy to create step-by-step guides for any process. With its internet, productivity tools, and software, Scribe is making it easier for businesses to share knowledge and improve productivity.

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Bigeye: Effortlessly Improving Data Quality

Bigeye is a data quality engineering platform that helps data teams measure, improve, and communicate data quality effortlessly. With its analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software, Bigeye is making it easier for businesses to work with their data.

Freshpaint: Collecting Customer Data for Marketing

Freshpaint is a data platform that collects customer data, making it easier for businesses to facilitate marketing. With its analytics, data mining, information services, marketing, and software, Freshpaint is helping businesses better understand their customers.

Metronome: Launching and Scaling Usage-Based Business Models

Metronome is a billing infrastructure that helps software companies launch, iterate, and scale their usage-based business models. With its focus on billing, IT infrastructure, SaaS, and software, Metronome is helping businesses optimize their revenue streams and grow more efficiently.

EcoCart: Climate and Sustainability-Focused eCommerce

EcoCart is a startup that enables climate and sustainability-focused eCommerce, allowing consumers to offset their carbon emissions. With its focus on eCommerce, software, and sustainability, EcoCart is helping businesses become more environmentally conscious while also making it easier for consumers to do their part.

Robocorp: Cloud Platform for Robotic Process Automation

Robocorp is a cloud platform for robotic process automation (RPA) and open-source RPA tools. With its focus on cloud infrastructure, information technology, open source, SaaS, and software, Robocorp is making it easier for businesses to automate their processes and increase efficiency.

StreamNative: Real-Time Streaming Platform

StreamNative offers a real-time streaming platform based on Apache Pulsar, enabling companies to access enterprise data as real-time streams. With its focus on big data, cloud data services, enterprise software, open source, and software, StreamNative is making it easier for businesses to work with their data in real-time.

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Cortex: Managing and Operating Microservices

Cortex is a software platform that manages and operates microservices. With its focus on document management, information technology, and software, Cortex is making it easier for businesses to work with microservices, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.


San Francisco is home to some of the most innovative and exciting software startups in the world. From sustainability-focused eCommerce to robotic process automation and microservices management, the city’s tech scene is constantly evolving and producing new companies that are changing the industry. The 15 startups showcased in this article are just a few examples of the amazing work being done in San Francisco’s startup community. We look forward to seeing what other innovative startups will emerge from this dynamic city in the future.

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