Galvanick Industries – Revolutionizing Industrial Operations Security

When it comes to industrial operations, security is key. However, with the rapid increase in cyber threats, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep up. That’s where Galvanick Industries comes in. Based in Los Angeles, California, Galvanick Industries provides an Intelligence Augmentation platform that acts as your “cyber-sidekick” to help companies secure their operations.

Introducing Galvanick Industries

Galvanick Industries is a startup that is revolutionizing the way industrial companies secure their operations. Their cloud-native analysis platform aggregates telemetry from industrial environments and hosts systemic models that enable operators to quickly understand the difference between, and context around, both normal and abnormal behavior. It truly is an intelligence augmentation platform that allows the human operator to become more efficient and effective at securing their system.

Humans Should Always Be in the Loop

When it comes to securing Industrial Operations environments, Galvanick Industries believes that humans should always be in the loop. Actions in the cyber-physical world have real consequences, and threats are increasing faster than we can hire and train employees. By providing an Intelligence Augmentation platform, Galvanick Industries ensures that human operators are able to make more informed decisions and keep industrial operations running securely.

Reducing Time to Detection

Galvanick Industries helps industrial companies secure their operations by reducing the time to detection of anomalous behavior on their most sensitive assets. Their platform aggregates data from a variety of sources and uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and identify behavior that may be indicative of an attack. By identifying potential threats early, companies can take action to prevent a cyberattack before it causes serious damage.

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Linking Secure Industrial Operations in the USA

Galvanick Industries is based in Los Angeles, California and is expanding rapidly. However, their Intelligence Augmentation platform can be used to secure industrial operations all across the country. By linking secure industrial operations in the USA, Galvanick Industries is helping to ensure that our critical infrastructure is protected from cyber threats.


Overall, Galvanick Industries is a startup that is making waves in the world of industrial operations security. Their Intelligence Augmentation platform is helping companies secure their operations more effectively and efficiently, and their commitment to keeping humans in the loop ensures that decisions are made with real-world consequences in mind. As cyber threats continue to increase, Galvanick Industries will undoubtedly become an increasingly important player in the world of industrial operations security.

Twitter  https://twitter.com/galvanickco

LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/company/galvanick.

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