GreenChain Industries Reduces Food Waste with Interconnected Food System


Food waste is a growing problem, with over a billion tons of food wasted every year. In the United States alone, over 40% of food produced is wasted, leading to not only economic losses but also environmental issues. GreenChain Industries aims to tackle this problem by creating the first interconnected food system that reduces food waste.

Introducing GreenChain Industries

GreenChain Industries is a San Francisco-based startup that focuses on creating a more efficient and sustainable food supply chain. The company was founded in 2019 by a team of entrepreneurs who believe that leveraging technology can help solve the problem of food waste.

The startup’s mission is to provide a food supply chain that is more efficient, faster, and more sustainable than the current one. The company’s vision is to reduce food waste by 50%, provide food security, and improve sustainability in the food industry.

The GreenChain Marketplace

GreenChain’s marketplace is a B2B platform connecting foodservice buyers to fresh-food wholesalers or brands. The platform digitizes the entire commerce layer and makes the antiquated industry significantly more efficient. Buyers can discover and order from any fresh food wholesaler or brand, and sellers receive new customers, immediate payments, automated account management, and a tiny transaction fee.

The marketplace provides much-needed transparency and efficiency to the food supply chain. It eliminates manual processes, such as ordering, payments, and invoicing, and provides real-time pricing and inventory data. Furthermore, by connecting sellers and buyers, GreenChain reduces the time and resources wasted in finding new business opportunities.

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GreenChain’s Sustainability Efforts

GreenChain’s marketplace not only provides efficiency but also sustainability. The startup’s focus on reducing food waste means that fewer resources are needed to produce food that would have been wasted. By reducing food waste, GreenChain contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals while also helping alleviate food insecurity.

The company’s sustainability efforts also extend to packaging. The startup has implemented a packaging reduction program, ensuring that the packaging used in the supply chain is necessary and recyclable. GreenChain works with food suppliers to reduce packaging, reducing waste generated by the delivery of products.


GreenChain Industries is a startup that’s making waves in the food industry. Its marketplace is a platform that connects foodservice buyers to sellers efficiently, with an emphasis on reducing food waste. By digitizing the food supply chain and providing transparency, GreenChain’s founder has made a significant impact in reducing waste and promoting sustainability.Startup Showcase: GreenChain Industries is the startup to watch for a more efficient, sustainable food supply chain.

Website https://GreenChain.co

Twitter: @GreenChainAI

Facebook: @GreenChainIndustries

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/greenchain-co

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