Hasina says her visit to the US marked an important milestone

We are absolutely thrilled to share this riveting article about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's momentous recent visit to the US, UK, and Japan.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent visit to the United States marked a significant milestone in Bangladesh’s development. Her meetings with influential leaders and discussions with international organizations underscored the country’s progress and its commitment to socioeconomic development. 

Hasina met with International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials in early May during her five-day visit to Washington, D.C., to discuss several cooperation agreements. In January, the IMF approved $4.7 billion for immediate disbursement, considered a boost head for the prime minister ahead of the 2024 general elections in Bangladesh.

“I called upon the managing director of the IMF to continue the IMF’s cooperation in various ongoing socioeconomic development initiatives of the government of Bangladesh,” Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said. 

During her meeting with Hasina, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva acknowledged Bangladesh’s exceptional progress.

“During the meeting, the IMF Managing Director praised Bangladesh’s significant progress in infrastructural development, communication, and maintaining law and order, and the stability of Bangladesh’s macro economy even during the Covid-19 pandemic,” the prime minister said.

On 24th May in Dubai, the prime minister said she was confident Bangladesh would meet its commitments with the IMF, an organization Hasina noted only assists countries they believe can repay their loans.

“Bangladesh is in a position that, yes, we took the loan as long as we need it, and yes, I am very much sure that definitely, we can use the loan for our progress and side by side we are able to pay it back,” Hasina said, according to a Reuters news report.

Commitments with the W.B.

When addressing the “Reflection on 50 years of Bangladesh-World Bank Partnership” event celebrating the 50th anniversary of relations between Bangladesh and the WB, Hasina called on the World Bank to continue collaborating with the South Asian country. 

“At the event, World Bank President David Malpass lauded Bangladesh’s incredible success in increasing per capita income and reducing poverty,” said Hasina. The World Bank’s recognition of Bangladesh’s achievements demonstrates the nation’s significant strides in poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation, and women’s empowerment. 

“In the presence of me and the President of the World Bank, five loan agreements worth $2.25 billion were signed between the government of Bangladesh and the World Bank,” Hasina highlighted. 

“In my speech (during the event in Washington), I called on the World Bank and other international organizations to continue their cooperation in the journey of building a knowledge-based ‘Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041,” Hasina added.

Rishi Sunak, her UK counterpart

“I believe that Bangladesh-UK relations will advance further through this visit,” Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said. 

Her meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak highlighted Bangladesh’s economic progress, investment-friendly initiatives, and the importance of expanding trade between the two countries. The visit emphasized Bangladesh’s role in climate change and renewable energy, reinforcing its position as an essential partner to the United Kingdom.

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Hasina’s visit to the U.K. showcased Bangladesh’s growing prominence on the global stage and marked significant milestones in strengthening bilateral relations with these influential nations.

During the visit, “I called for more investment in Bangladesh from U.K. companies,” the prime minister said while explaining that her meetings with U.K. counterparts centered on climate change, renewable energy, and strengthening bilateral trade relations. 

“Bangladesh is an important country to the King because of the strong position of Bangladesh in climate change and renewable energy,” Hasina explained. “Bangladesh-UK Climate Accord and Aviation Partnership will play an important role in advancing the relations between the two countries in the future.”

Strategic Partnership with Japan

Prime Minister Hasina met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the start of her two-week tour to the U.S., U.K., and Japan. The two countries elevated their bilateral relationship to a “Strategic Partnership,” marked by signing multiple instruments and memorandums of understanding. 

“The elevation of bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Japan to a ‘Strategic Partnership’ marks a significant milestone,” Hasina said. “The Japanese government assured that it will provide 30 billion yen ($4.3 billion) to Bangladesh as budget support assistance.”

The elevation of bilateral relations, signing of key agreements, and appreciation from international leaders contribute to Bangladesh’s growing influence and reputation as a nation poised for further development and prosperity. 

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