Haulee Industries Revolutionizing Local Logistics


Haulee Industries is transforming local hauling services by introducing an innovative mobile app that connects customers with drivers who own and operate pickup trucks, delivery vans, or box trucks. Their mission is to offer quick, reliable, and affordable logistics services for anyone who needs to move, deliver or remove bulky items. What makes the app unique is that it allows customers to access hauling services within two hours from their requests, making Haulee a game-changer for anyone looking for timely and hassle-free logistics services.

Background and Inspiration

Haulee was born out of the founders’ experience and frustration in trying to get rid of old appliances and furniture. They realized that there was a growing need for more affordable and reliable logistics providers that could help people move or dispose of bulky items without breaking the bank or having to wait for days. The idea was inspired by the success of the ride-sharing industry, and they started building an app that would connect customers with locals who own and operate pickup trucks, delivery vans, or box trucks to provide quick and convenient hauling services.

How Haulee Works

Haulee Industries is a hyper-local logistics platform that uses a mobile app to connect customers with available drivers based on the type of hauling service they need. Customers input the service they require, whether it’s delivery, junk removal, or small moves. They can then upload pictures and trip estimates, and Haulee matches the request with available drivers with the required truck size and experience.

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Once a driver accepts the request, the Haulee app enables real-time communication and tracking of their progress. Customers can track the driver’s position on the map, receive updates on their ETA, and communicate with them via text. The Haulee app updates the driver’s route based on traffic conditions, optimizing their progress while keeping customers informed.

Benefits of Using Haulee

Haulee Industries offers several benefits over traditional logistics providers, including:

Speed and Convenience: Haulee connects customers with available drivers within two hours, allowing customers to get the services they need on the same day.

Affordability: Haulee’s model of using locals with their trucks upholds lower operating costs, allowing them to offer competitive rates compared to traditional providers.

Reliability: Customers can track their drivers’ movements, and Haulee ensures that only well-trained drivers offer their services, guaranteeing reliable services.

Variety of Services: Haulee accommodates multiple logistics needs, including junk removal, delivery, and small moves, making it a one-stop-shop for all local strategic needs.


In conclusion, Haulee Industries is changing the face of local logistics by introducing a user-friendly and convenient mobile app that connects customers with drivers who own and operate utility vehicles. Their value proposition revolves around quick and affordable services that customers can access within two hours, with real-time tracking enabling them to stay informed throughout the process. With Haulee’s innovative platform, moving, and removing bulky furniture or appliances has never been easier. Learn more about Haulee Industries by visiting their website or social media platforms.

Website: https://www.haul.ee
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hauleeapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hauleeapp
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/haulee-inc/

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