How is Serverless Analytics Revolutionising Customer Facing Apps Development?

Key Takeaways:

  • Propel, a San Francisco-based startup, offers a serverless analytics platform for customer-facing applications.
  • This innovative platform is revolutionizing customer-facing app development by providing real-time insights without the need for additional infrastructure.
  • Propel integrates seamlessly with popular charting libraries, ensuring streamlined product development.
  • Founded by Nico Acosta and Tyler Wells, Propel represents a transformative approach to analytics.

Customer-facing apps are vital for businesses in today’s digital era. These apps aid in customer interaction and engagement, provide valuable insights, and allow businesses to tailor their services based on customer behavior and preferences. A critical element of these apps is data and its accurate, real-time analyses which can significantly bolster the process of decision making and strategy formulation. But managing complex data and infrastructure within customer-facing apps can often pose a challenge. This is where San Francisco-based startup, Propel, comes into the picture.

Launched in 2021, Propel offers a powerful, serverless analytics platform that amps up customer-facing web and mobile applications. The platform empowers developers to quickly build usage metering, insights dashboards, product metrics, and advanced reporting. And all this without the need to manage complex data infrastructure or create new data silos.

Evidently, the standout feature of Propel is its serverless architecture. This innovative technology approach eliminates the need for developers to manage servers, making it faster and more efficient to launch applications. With this serverless model, developers can focus on the core application code, and Propel takes care of the data processing. Also, the platform integrates seamlessly with the most popular charting libraries, such as ECharts, ChartJS, Highcharts, D3 and more.

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Another key differentiator of Propel is its approach to data management. Instead of creating new data silos, Propel leverages existing data, keeping it in one place to streamline operations and provide cohesive insights. It eradicates the need for complex and often expensive data infrastructure, which makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Looking to the future, Propel is well-positioned to pave the way for innovative customer-facing app development. The serverless analytics model it offers is set to become a mainstay in app development, given its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As more businesses recognize the power and potential of data, solutions offered by Propel are likely to gain further traction.

Furthermore, the potential of a serverless analytics model is beyond just customer-facing apps. Any application that relies heavily on data processing could benefit from this model, suggesting vast future prospects for Propel. Stay updated with Propel’s journey towards redefining data analytics. Visit their website, follow them on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn.

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