How is Virtual Reality Transforming Education and Mental Health Therapy?

Key Takeaways:

  • Virgils is a startup that uses VR technology to transform education and mental health therapy.
  • The company targets pre-teen and teen boys and provides a safe virtual space for learning and therapy.
  • Unlike traditional teletherapy platforms, Virgils’ VR platform promotes better engagement in therapy sessions.
  • Virgils also provides a HIPAA-compliant version of its platform for therapists to meet their younger clients in the metaverse.

Based in Milton, Delaware, Virgils is a pioneering startup aimed at “building bridges back to reality through virtual reality.” Founded by Beko Jang and Christian Ulstrup, the company seeks to innovate how education and mental health therapy are delivered, especially in these pandemic times. Virgils uses groundbreaking VR technology to offer mental wellness solutions to pre-teen and teen boys while also serving as a HIPAA-compliant digital platform for mental health professionals.

Understanding the unique pressures and problems faced by younger boys in today’s digital age, Virgils offers small group sessions led by a licensed mental health professional referred to as “Virgil”. These educational and therapeutic sessions are carried out in private virtual spaces, making therapy more accessible and less intimidating for young clients.

What sets Virgils apart is its unique approach to harnessing technology to address two significant areas: mental health and education. Recognizing that technology can also contribute to mental health issues, Virgils has crafted a “healthy tech habits” program specifically for boys. The sessions, aside from offering therapeutic discussions, also educate on the responsible and healthy use of technology. This dual focus on wellness and education gives Virgils a unique edge in the Mental Tech and EduTech industries.

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Additionally, Virgils offers therapists free access to a HIPAA-compliant version of their platform. This innovation allows mental health professionals to meet their younger clients in the metaverse, a facet of VR technology underutilized in the field of mental health. This platform engagement level significantly surpasses traditional teletherapy platforms, making therapy more engaging and effective for younger patients.

Looking forward, Virgils seems poised to transform the future of mental wellness and education. By seamlessly merging VR technology with education and mental health therapy, they position themselves at the forefront of a promising new era in these fields. With technological advancement continuously progressing, we can anticipate more startups like Virgils revolutionizing these sectors.

Learn more about Virgils and their outstanding work at their website and stay updated by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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