How Will Talent-as-a-Service Revolutionize HR in the Software Industry?

Key Takeaways

  • Talent-as-a-Service is set to revolutionize the HR landscape of the software industry.
  • GoFasti is leveraging the Talent-as-a-Service model to bridge the gap between world-class software engineers and first-class companies.
  • GoFasti’s key differentiators include hand-picked, rigorously vetted talent and fast delivery timelines.
  • The future of the Talent-as-a-Service model looks promising with companies like GoFasti leading the way.

The Human Resources domain in the software industry faces unique challenges, primarily revolving around sourcing exceptional talent in a competitive landscape. One groundbreaking solution gaining traction is Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS), which can potentially revolutionize the HR landscape. Spearheading this TaaS revolution in the software industry is Dallas-based startup, GoFasti.

GoFasti spearheads the bridge between world-class developers and designers based in Latin America (LatAm) and first-class companies globally. With an emphasis on fluent English speakers operating exclusively in US time zones, GoFasti makes the hiring process more streamlined and efficient for companies in need of top-tier software development talent.

What Differentials the Startup?

GoFasti sets itself apart with a standout recruitment and selection procedure. Their rigorous screening process and in-depth technical assessment ensure only the very best and fully qualified talent make it through to their clients. This meticulous selection process guarantees that their clients receive world-class talent that can hit the ground running and scale their software teams fast and efficiently.

Speed is another differentiating factor for GoFasti. They have managed to condense the hiring process, presenting candidate profiles within just 48 hours. By revolutionizing the speed of the hiring process, GoFasti allows companies to hire their ideal candidate within an average of just 10 days. This remarkably fast turnaround further distinguishes GoFasti in a marketplace often hampered by lengthy hiring processes.

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The Future of GoFasti and the Talent-as-a-Service Model

As GoFasti continues to disrupt the software industry’s HR landscape, the future of the Talent-as-a-Service model looks extraordinarily promising. Given the effectiveness in matching companies with top-notch software engineers promptly, this approach will become increasingly indispensable, especially as the remote and distributed work models consolidate in the post COVID-19 world.

To follow their growth and updates, visit GoFasti’s website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. Founders Mateus Rodrigues de Morais and Pablo Genevo are steering GoFasti on an exciting trajectory set to transform the HR landscape of the software industry through Talent-as-a-Service.

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