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inBuild Industries

Revolutionizing the Construction Industry’s Accounts Payable Solution

The construction industry is known for its complexity and unique challenges. One of which is accounts payable, a process that involves managing incoming invoices, capturing data fields, and routing documents to the appropriate team members for review. Handling this process requires a lot of time and effort, and mistakes can be costly. That’s where inBuild comes in. In this startup showcase, we will delve into inBuild Industries and how they are transforming the construction industry’s accounts payable process.

Introducing inBuild

inBuild is a Wilmington, Delaware-based SaaS (Software as a Service) startup that provides construction businesses with the most intelligent accounts payable solution. Their platform features cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology designed to simplify and streamline the construction project financial process. The inBuild platform bridges the growing gap between email and legacy software by extracting incoming invoices, capturing data fields, and routing documents to the right team members for review in real-time.

Why inBuild Matters

The traditional accounts payable process is time-consuming and often results in errors. It’s challenging to ensure the accuracy of the data being inputted and prevent errors from creeping into the process. With inBuild, the platform handles the tedium and allows artificial intelligence to extract and compile the information automatically, saving construction businesses both time and money. Moreover, inBuild ensures that data flows seamlessly into their budgeting tool for real-time, system-wide visibility into the financial health of any given project.

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Features and Benefits

The inBuild platform features several benefits for construction businesses, including:

Time-Saving: By automating the accounts payable process, inBuild saves businesses significant time in data entry and management, improving efficiency, and productivity.

Cost-Effective: With inBuild, businesses save money by avoiding the costs associated with incorrect data entry and inefficient manual processes.

Increased Accuracy: Artificial intelligence technology ensures greater accuracy, reducing the risk of errors entering into the accounts payable process.

Real-time Visibility: inBuild provides real-time, system-wide information on a project’s financial health to stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page, mitigating risks and delays.


inBuild offers the ultimate accounts payable solution for the construction industry. Their innovative approach to automating processes with AI and machine learning technology eases the construction business process’s complexities. With features like automated invoice capture, project budget tracking, and real-time visibility, inBuild bridges the gap between email and legacy software. The future of construction accounts payable is made brighter with inBuild.


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