Influential Austin Finance Startups Shaping the Future of Texas Economy

There is something about Austin, Texas that lures promising startups to its thriving technology hub. Especially in the finance industry, young companies find fertile ground and support for their ideas. In this article, we present an interesting selection of Finance Startups that call Austin home. These startups range from venture capital firms to data analytics companies, each making an exceptional impact in the finance sector.

From democratizing access to financial services and helping consumers build credit, to providing innovative solutions in property management, real estate and even personal finance education. Each startup has a unique offer that adds value to the financial landscape in Austin and beyond.

Join us as we explore each startup, understanding what they do, industries they touch, and who the key players behind their operations are. Please note that the founders’ details are not provided for all startups. Let’s dive in!

Springdale Ventures

Focused on business development and venture capital, Springdale Ventures roots for consumer-packaged goods with its robust financial backing. Founded by Genevieve Gilbreath, Springdale Ventures leads the way in bringing life-changing consumer goods to the market.

Zoro Card

Founded by Roger Morris and Zak Grove, Zoro Card brings an innovative twist to credit building by using debit cards. It’s a unique fusion of the banking, credit, financial services, fintech, and personal finance industry.

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Simplifying the real estate brokerage process, Dwelling makes it easier for buyers through its tech-powered services. The startup functions in finance, financial services, fintech, property management and real estate sectors assisting customers in home-buying.


NTeli offers unique services in revenue optimization for companies. Their work revolves around the billing, finance, information technology, and sales sectors providing valuable financial solutions.


Allianse is the link between pre-seed to Series A startups and potential investors. It offers finance, financial services, information technology, small and medium businesses, and software solutions.

Jump Finance

Specially focusing on the education sector, Jump Finance provides educational loans for students, contributing to finance, financial services, and insurance sectors.

Austin Tax Prep

Austin Tax Prep is a finance solutions company that specializes in tax preparation and planning services. With their focus on the accounting and document management sides of finance they streamline the tax process for their clients.

Multi-Family Asset Quest

Multi-Family Asset Quest is a finance company in the real estate sector. They offer financial services tailored to the needs of their clients.

Blackhawk Lending

Blackhawk Lending is a financial company operating in the banking and lending sectors. They strive to provide clients with financial solutions that are both effective and efficient.

Park Walk

Park Walk provides advice and financial services. Their services encompass finance and financial services, guiding their clients towards financial success.


Neocova is a data analytics startup that operates in the finance industry. Co-founded by Kelsey Weaver, Lindsay Lockhart, and Sultan Meghji, the company helps banks identify revenue opportunities from existing customers.

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Health is wealth and KnowThyself embodies this by helping people avoid unnecessary healthcare. Founded by Janis Powers, the startup exists at the intersection of healthcare, information technology, and personal finance.

Unhack My Life Academy

The brainchild of Atticus Li, Unhack My Life Academy offers a premium online personal finance course. The startup’s teaching model harnesses insights from behavioral economics, behavioral finance, and history.

Talent Foragers

Founded by Michael Molony, Talent Foragers is a search consultancy focused on software engineers and executive placements. The startup taps into the finance, hedge funds, recruiting, and software industries.


Blockhenge, founded by Dustin D. Trammell, caters to cryptoasset investors and traders with white-glove financial services. It operates in the sectors of cryptocurrency, finance, financial services, fintech, and information technology.

In conclusion, Austin’s finance startup scene is flourishing with unique and innovative ideas. These startups are not only positively affecting the local economy but also paving the way for the future of finance.

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