Influential Chicago Hospital Startups Transforming Healthcare Landscape in 2023

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field and startups play an instrumental role in driving innovation and morphing conventional practices into improved methods of care. Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A, as a thriving metropolis, stands as a hub for hospital startups revolutionizing various facets of the healthcare industry. With diverse specialties ranging from physical therapy and aesthetics to technology-driven patient care, these startups each contribute to the expansive landscape of healthcare in unique ways.

This article takes a deep dive into the thrilling world of hospital startups, showcasing the novel healthcare solutions they present and the ongoing transformations they induce in their respective industries. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a healthcare professional, an investor, or simply an interested reader, this compilation will provide you with a closer look at the thrilling world of hospital startups in Chicago, Illinois.

The startups have been categorized according to the nature of their services and their perceived contribution to healthcare. From streamlining clinical care, ushering in tech-savvy solutions, to innovating wellness and fitness regimes, each initiative is distinct but collectively, they contribute to a dynamic, more efficient, and patient-oriented sector.

DxTx Pain and Spine

DxTx Pain and Spine is a clinical care service provider passionately committed to medical excellence. This startup goes beyond conventional methods and aims for comprehensive patient wellness by providing specialized services in the healthcare and hospital industries.

Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss

Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss has emerged as a beacon in the physical therapy niche. With a robust foundation in healthcare and medicine, this startup provides physical therapy services, including innovative weight loss programs tailored to individuals.

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Korea Medical

Bridging the gap between healthcare and hospitality, Korea Medical is promoting the South Korean aesthetics industry through medical tourism. They are the forerunners in connecting potential patients with the best of South Korea’s cosmetic and plastic surgery industry.


Co-founded by Daniel Freed, Blueprint is a mental health startup that employs technology to deliver personalized results to clinicians. By integrating measurement-based care, Blueprint allows therapists to provide more precise and effective treatment strategies.

BuzDoc Inc

Establishing firm roots in the online medical domain, BuzDoc Inc has teamed up with professional healthcare providers in Chicago. It stands out as an accessible portal that connects patients with the necessary medical services, reshaping how healthcare is accessed and delivered.


EZClinic is a software as a service (SaaS) startup that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance patient monitoring. Their penchant for innovation shines through their tech prowess that aims to make medical care more accessible and efficient.

Point C

Point C is an amalgamation of self-insured healthcare plan administrators who are providing alternate health insurance solutions beyond the traditional models. By advocating for patient rights, they are reshaping how medical expenses are managed.


Reimagining the ways of accessing healthcare services, Text2MD provides a virtual platform for telemedicine services. By offering various medical services remotely and at reasonable prices, they facilitate connection between patients and professional healthcare providers regardless of geographical barriers.

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