Influential LA Consulting Startups: Pioneering Business Solutions in 2023

Los Angeles, the epicenter of creativity and innovation, has emerged as a breeding ground for consulting startups. These companies are leveraging disruptive technologies and novel business strategies to offer everything from finance and investment advice to catering to the unique needs of specific industries. In no particular order, here’s a look at the most promising startups that are worth keeping an eye on in the consulting space.

These Los Angeles-based consulting startups are not only grappling with numerous business challenges but are also crafting innovative solutions. They are incubating fresh ideas, driving groundbreaking transformations, and setting new benchmarks in their respective industries. By disrupting traditional practices, they are creating opportunities and paving the path for future entrepreneurs.

These startups are experts in their respective fields, providing valuable services across various jurisdictions. Their strong foundations and clear roadmaps make them top contributors in their industries, helping to drive economic growth within the region. With this, let’s delve into the specifics of each of these remarkable startups:

SF Insuretech

SF Insuretech is a pioneering firm in the AI-based data monitoring realm, assisting auto insurance companies. Co-founded by Robert Smithson, this startup falls under the artificial intelligence, auto insurance, automotive, consulting, and information technology industries, offering innovative solutions to insurance providers.

Lvlup Ventures

Lvlup Ventures provides a comprehensive suite of services, including business development, fundraising, marketing, and consulting, for organizations. The company takes a unique approach to help businesses expand and excel in their sectors.

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AMP Beauty LA

AMP Beauty LA, founded by Angel Lenise, Montre Moore, and Phyllicia Phillips, is a tech-forward e-tailer aiming to redefine beauty culture for all textures and all shades. They’re revolutionizing the beauty, consulting, e-commerce, and retail industries.

Evoke Advisors

Evoke Advisors provide a higher level of insight and an institutional perspective to help achieve attractive, stable investment returns. They’re a trusted consultant in the management industry.

R&D Incentives Group

R&D Incentives Group is a financial consulting firm specializing in tax credit lending, relief, and claims research. They provide strategic financial services to businesses of all sizes.

RockWater Industries

RockWater Industries, founded by Chris Erwin, aids media and direct-to-consumer companies in enhancing their worthiness. This consultative firm provides comprehensive solutions in the management consulting industry.

CFO’s Domain

CFO’s Domain, founded by Patrick Coggins, is a consulting and recruiting firm that specializes in staffing accounting and finance professionals. They excel at connecting the right talent to the right organization.


BourkeHood focuses on research and development tax incentives, providing technical and financial expert advice for investing in innovation. They are consulting the industry on how to strategically invest in innovation for maximum returns.


Everlaunch, founded by Michelle Ida Heng, is a SaaS that assists budding entrepreneurs in overcoming basic challenges when starting a business. This promising startup is a consultant for IT, insurance, HR, and all things tech.

O’Neil Global Advisors

O’Neil Global Advisors, co-founded by Steven Birch, is an asset management firm that provides quantitative and standardized equity trading techniques. They operate under the Advice, Consulting, Finance, Risk Management, and Venture Capital industries.

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Metaedge Ventures

Metaedge Ventures is a full-service venture studio that powers communities across growing blockchain ecosystems. Operating in the field of consulting, cryptocurrency, and information technology, Metaedge Ventures explores new horizons in digital currencies and blockchain technologies.


G.Round is a community-driven platform that provides an online solution for global public playtesting. As experts in consulting, internet, and video games, G.Round is redefining the way game testing is conducted.

Fletch Equity

Fletch Equity is a financial firm offering private equity, business development, venture capital, consulting, and financial planning services. They are a go-to consulting agency for strategic business and financial planning.

Speer Consulting & Design Studio

Speer Consulting & Design Studio offers specialized design and consulting services across various industries. They excel at helping businesses boost their brand and optimize design elements.


Compostable, founded by Monique Figueiredo, is providing onsite compost systems, solid waste management, and food waste reduction services to regenerate soil. They operate in the environmental consulting, farming, residential, and waste management industries.

In summary, the LA consulting startup ecosystem is vibrant, dynamic, and full of creativity. These startups are pushing boundaries, contributing to innovation across various industries, and setting new standards. Each one of them is worth watching as they continue to make their mark in their respective industries and beyond.

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