Influential New York mHealth Startups Revolutionizing US Healthcare in 2023

As advancements in technology continue to reshape the medical industry, a trend that has been impossible to ignore is the rise of mobile health (mHealth) startups. These companies are revolutionizing healthcare, making it more accessible and efficient for both patients and providers. In New York City, this burgeoning industry is especially vibrant. The city’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial mindset have cultivated a fertile ground for these startups to develop and thrive. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most exciting mHealth startups in New York City, offering a snapshot of their vision, mission and how they’re transforming healthcare.

The global mHealth market is projected to reach $189.6 billion by 2025. The potential for cost savings and improved patient outcomes through remote patient monitoring, mHealth apps, and telemedicine is driving much of this growth. Particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to access healthcare remotely has never been more critical. From mental health practices to patient engagement platforms and everything in between, these startups are carving out innovative pathways in the mHealth space.

As remarkable as it is to witness the rise of these startups, understanding what each one brings to the table, and how they differentiate themselves in an already crowded market, is even more fascinating. So, let’s delve into these startups one by one and see what they’re up to.


Founded by Georgia Gaveras and Robert Krayn, Talkiatry is a national technology-enabled mental health practice that provides in-network psychiatry and therapy. Their mission is to overcome the hurdles that prevent people from seeking mental healthcare by using technology to its fullest potential.

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Paradym Health

Paradym Health, spearheaded by Courtney Carlsson, is reimagining behavioural healthcare. The startup is committed to creating personalized, data-backed mental health solutions that people can easily access and use in their everyday lives.

Urgently Health

Urgently Health has a simple yet profound mission – humanizing healthcare. They leverage technology to ensure medical care is timely, personable, and responsive to patient needs.

MAX Sports Health, Inc.

MAX Sports Health, Inc. is a digital health company spearheaded by Dr. Naresh Rao. Their mobile app adopts a whole-person approach to health, promoting overall wellness and not just absence of disease.

Courier Health

Courier Health, founded by Danny Sigurdson and Jimmy Pomponio, has developed a patient engagement platform designed to deliver personalized experiences from end to end, improving patient outcomes by facilitating seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Tripment Health

Tripment Health, created by Alex Radunsky, Julia Radunsky, and Vlad Yushvah, is a digital health startup offering consumers affordable diagnostic imaging and laboratory services, resolving accessibility and affordability issues in the healthcare sector.


By providing treatments for chronic pains, Reactiv, co-founded by Arthur Sebert and Siddharth Saxena, enhances the quality of life for those living with persistent pain conditions.

Speedy Sticks

Founded by Jeremy Jacob, Speedy Sticks is a medical company that offers mobile concierge phlebotomy services, making lab testing convenient and hassle-free for their patients.

PreferredMD Solutions

With PreferredMD Solutions, created by Biraj Patel, the tedious process of healthcare coordination is streamlined through one HIPAA-compliant platform, revolutionizing communication and coordination in the healthcare industry.


Violet, founded by Gaurang Choksi, is a platform that helps the healthcare industry deliver more inclusive services. By focusing on inclusivity, they aim to make healthcare accessible and appropriate for all, regardless of their identities.

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Antidote Health

Antidote Health offers an AI-based health platform that helps people receive proper medical treatment. Avihai Sodri, Ben Enosh, and Carine-Belle Feder founded the company intending to augment the accessibility and quality of healthcare.


Co-founders Girish Srinivasan and Roy Cohen created Behavidence to develop tools to monitor and manage mental health, making mental healthcare more interactive, efficient, and accessible.


Clearing, created by Avi Dorfman and Jacob Hascalovici, is a healthcare platform focusing on providing opioid-free pain relief. Their focus on non-addictive pain solutions resonates with a significant need in today’s pain management sphere.

Hydrogen Health

Hydrogen Health provides a spectrum of virtual healthcare services including primary care, pediatrics, and mental health services, extending healthcare reach into the comfort of patients’ homes.

Crow & Pitcher

Established by Jen Fong and Tracy Hinds, Crow & Pitcher offers the personalized, low-key substance recovery activity tracker, focusing on a relaxed and shame-free approach to substance recovery.

In conclusion, these New York-based mHealth startups are contributing significantly to reshaping the future of healthcare, improving accessibility, affordability, and personalization through the power of technology. With these promising mHealth solutions, the future of healthcare looks to be not just technologically advanced, but also more compassionate, inclusive, and patient-centric.

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