Influential Orlando-Based Financial Services Startups Shaping Future Economic Landscape

Orlando, the city famous for its theme parks, is now making a name for itself as a hub for financial services startups. These companies, are digitizing and broadening the traditional financial sector, from real estate investments to mobile crowdfunding platforms. We at are excited to introduce you to some of the most promising financial services startups based in Orlando, Florida.

We have conducted extensive research and presented brief descriptions and founders’ information for each of these startups. Combined, they are pushing the boundaries and reimagining the world of finance. With a diverse set of offerings, from real estate investments to predictive analytics, they are innovating and reshaping the processes, services, and customer relationships that have dominated the financial industry for decades.

Here, check out our list of remarkable FinTech startups that are making waves in Orlando. The future of finance looks bright, and these startups are leading the charge in the Sunshine State. We are sure you’re going to enjoy this tour through vibrant Orlando’s FinTech scene.

Pirata Capital Management

Pirata Capital Management is redefining finance with its digital asset management services that focus on directional and market-neutral strategies. Founded by Michael Finch, the company is bridging the worlds of Asset Management, Blockchain, Consulting, Cryptocurrency, and Financial Services.

Yes Home Loans

Yes Home Loans is levelling up the home loan process with their extensive spectrum of services which includes home loans, refinances and reverse mortgage services. It operates within the Finance, Financial Services, and Lending industry.

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Apex Wealth Management

Apex Wealth Management brings excellent solutions to financial planning for investment, retirement, risk management, and business services, helping their clients achieve their financial goals

BRITE Investments

Bridging the gap between US and international investors and businesses looking to raise funds, BRITE Investments is providing an alternative crowd-investing platform. Founded by Alexandra Kay and Jake Hartigan, BRITE Investments is harmonizing the domains of Crowdfunding, Financial Services, FinTech, and Funding Platforms.


Miventure offers a mobile-first equity crowdfunding marketplace that connects early-stage startups with retail investors. Founded by Jason Crystal and Luiggi Pera, the company is revolutionizing the domains of Apps, Financial Services, FinTech, Marketplace, and Mobile Apps.

Quant Data

Quant Data enriches the experience of retail traders by providing them with real-time options to track smart-money transactions. Their application is refreshing the sectors of Advice, Consulting, Financial Services, and Real Time.


Operating in the Banking, Credit Cards, Finance, Financial Services, and Insurance industry, CashRepublic delivers proficient services in finance, banking, and digital payments.

VIP Mortgage Group

VIP Mortgage Group makes homeownership more attainable with its range of services that includes down payments, mortgage, refinance, FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional loan services.

Black Tile Investment

Black Tile Investment specializes in real estate investment and financial services, providing an amalgamation of Financial Services, Professional Services, and Real Estate Investment.

Freedom Stocks

Freedom Stocks is a thriving financial media and a FinTech company that builds financial, market & alternative data APIs. The company has established itself in the industries of Financial Services, FinTech, GreenTech, Internet, News, Software, and Sustainability.

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Introducing a wealthtech project, Jimy, founded by Antonio Flores Aldama, is employing breakthrough technology and AI to churn out market opportunities with high potential return. The firm brilliantly merges the elements of Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, FinTech, Predictive Analytics, Stock Exchanges, and Wealth Management.

BRITE Funding

Also founded by Alexandra Kay, BRITE Funding offers an alternative crowd-investing platform connecting US and international investors with businesses looking to raise funds. Their operations encircle around the industries of Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Financial Services, and Funding Platforms.

Donaldson & Harte CPA

From taxation to bookkeeping, from audits to business advisory services, Donaldson & Harte CPA offers an array of services under Accounting, Advice, Financial Services, and Professional Services sectors.

Business Loan Leads

Business Loan Leads is a marketplace dedicated to servicing FinTech and Alternative Business Finance Professionals with Partnership Programs, operating within the Business Intelligence, Finance, Financial Services, Marketing, and Marketplace industries.


Launched by Chad Maycumber, Guofeng Jiang, and Kyle Walsh, Horizons merges Real Estate, Financial Technology, Website, and Mobile App, escalating the standards within the Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, and Real Estate industries.

In summary, these startups illustrate the energy and innovation in Orlando’s financial services startup scene. There’s a wide range of ideas, services, and products represented here – all aimed at transforming and enhancing the way we manage, trade, and think about money.

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