Influential Orlando Software Startups Redefining Tech Landscape in America

Orlando, Florida – home to the world-famous Walt Disney World Resort, but there is so much more than the magic of Disney happening here. Known as “The City Beautiful”, it is also an emerging hub for startups and digital innovation. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the vibrant software startup scene of Orlando, where tech enterprises are leveraging the latest advancements in analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, to revolutionize diverse industries. From automotive to agriculture, and even the reformation of previously incarcerated through tech education, these startups are at the helm of disruption in their respective fields.

The innovative spirit is indeed palpable in Orlando as these startups proffer solutions that streamline operations, augment profitability and refine the customer experience. The city’s low cost of living, investment potential, and the availability of a dynamic talent pool from the surrounding high-ranking universities have made it a magnet for business entrepreneurs. Here is a closer look at the startups that are making waves in Orlando’s tech scene.


360Converge, an automotive SaaS communication platform, is in the business of transforming auto dealerships with its technology. The startup, founded by Todd Smith, utilizes analytics, AI, information technology, machine learning and mobile apps to improve communication channels within the industry.

Solvera Tech

Solvera Tech is a proven solution for those seeking to improve profitability, and bolster security across their business’s IT infrastructure. Its services span the realms of information technology, security and software.

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Counter Factual .AI

Offering risk-free AI projects is Counter Factual .AI. The company is known for its prowess in artificial intelligence, machine learning and software.

MowMe, Inc

MowMe, Inc., founded by Bryce Deneen, is in the business of landscaping. Their technology includes mobile and software solutions providing fantastic lawns for their customers.

Tech Yard Solutions

Tech Yard Solutions is a software development company that also offers consulting, mobile app design, web design and development services.


Maximizing programming productivity with an AI-assisted developer tool is Kodezi. The startup, founded by Ishraq Khan and Mike Walsh, automatically corrects code with its innovative technology.

Bluejestic Inc

Founded by Jude Plaisir and Marildania Espinal, Bluejestic Inc is reinventing social commerce by merging social media, eCommerce and social management into its platform.


Offering market research and competitive intelligence solutions is SHERLOC. The company, founded by Julianna Ormond and RC Williams, uses AI, business intelligence, internet technologies, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Nexus 33 Group, LLC

Nexus 33 Group, LLC offers software solutions as a service or SaaS.

ByteBenders LLC

Founded by Eduardo Veras, ByteBenders LLC is into the business of starting, growing and partnering tech entrepreneurs.


Revolutionizing the freight industry is FreightOn. Founded by Mo Asady, the startup combines advanced technology, transparent pricing and live load bidding and listing to disrupt the status quo.

Promising People Enterprises

Offering skills training for the previously incarcerated is Promising People Enterprises. The startup, founded by Dave Clark and Les Cowie, uses technologies that have been proven in the U.S. Military.

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Paynuity, founded by Ron Moses, is a payment technology platform that services credit cards, cryptocurrency, debit cards, fintech, mobile payments, payments, software and transaction processing.


A cloud-based platform that uses real-time analytics to help Ag operations increase production and maximize profitability is CultivateAI.


Finally, we have Growception, founded by Parth Patel. This full-service digital marketing agency is dedicated to helping businesses captivate the digital game. The startup specializes in digital marketing, information technology, internet marketing and software.

In conclusion, these startups mirror the ambitious strides that Orlando’s software ecosystem has been making. Their focus on innovative solutions that transform industries and improve lives further highlight the city’s innovative spirit in this digital age. The City Beautiful is indeed a thriving hub for software startups and will continue to foster businesses that go beyond the ordinary to drive change in the world.

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