Is AI the Solution for Addressing Health Equity Disparities in Healthcare?

As the digital era advances, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an essential tool in various industries. At the center of this shift is the healthcare sector. Making a substantial impact on healthcare is Ascertain, a New York-based startup that uses AI to tackle health equity disparities. Ascertain represents a unique venture between Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider, and Aegis Ventures, an innovative startup studio. Together they are leveraging AI to enhance the quality of services provided and to bridge the existing gaps in health equity.

This revolutionary enterprise is not just providing innovative solutions but setting new standards within the healthcare sector. Ascertain has fully embraced the importance of tech-driven healthcare, striving to address the challenging quality, equity, and cost problems often faced by the industry.

Ascertain distinguishes itself from other startups in the health AI field with its unique focus on equity in healthcare. It is designed to manage and improve patient experiences for everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status. The company seeks to address longstanding health disparities by using AI to ensure care is accessible, affordable, and of high-quality for all.

Another differentiating factor is Ascertain’s potent partnership between the medical knowledge of Northwell Health and the tech startup dynamism of Aegis Ventures. This innovative approach brings together extensive healthcare knowledge with cutting edge technological prowess. It employs the patient-centric model in all of Ascertain’s healthcare AI enterprises to safeguard the needs of the patient remain at the core of the solution.

As Ascertain continues to innovate in the overlapping spheres of AI and healthcare, their future looks promising. The company represents a new era in medical technology and services, one that drives equitable outcomes and increased access to quality care. Their unique approach to healthcare problems via AI has the potential to revolutionize the industry and ensure a fair healthcare system.

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With AI becoming an increasingly crucial factor in the healthcare sector, Ascertain’s unique business model and patient-centric approach is leading the way toward future improvements in the industry. Stay connected with Ascertain’s latest developments on their website or on LinkedIn. As Ascertain continue to bridge the gap in health equity disparities, you can be sure to expect more disruptive solutions in the near future.

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