Is Assistive Tech the Next Big Leap for Consumer Software Startups?


In the ever-evolving landscape of start-ups, a new sector seems to be garnering attention – assistive technology. And leading the way in this realm is an early-stage venture capital firm, Shor Capital. Led by its founder, Michael Shor, Shor Capital is not just investing in assistive technology but also nurturing startups that focus on this emerging field. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Shor Capital is already creating waves in industries ranging from apps and B2C to Fintech and Information Technology.

Creating a remarkable reputation with 18 direct investments so far, including,, and, Michael has consistently shown that he’s willing to dive in deep by offering constructive product feedback, connecting with users, and bringing in new ones. In the burgeoning field of assistive technology, his company, Shor Capital is bringing about the next leap for consumer software startups.

  • Shor Capital is disrupting multiple industries, including Apps, Assistive Tech, B2C, Consumer Software, Fintech, and IT
  • Shor Capital has made 18 direct investments in early-stage startups.
  • Founder, Michael Shor, consistently provides valuable product feedback to these startups and helps them grow by bringing new users.

What truly sets Shor Capital apart is its focus on assistive technology, a key area that is predicted to see immense growth in startups. Plus, there is a critical need in our society for increased accessibility and inclusivity, placing assistive technology companies at the forefront of impactful change. By betting early on this industry, Shor Capital is well-positioned to become an industry leader and influencer.

Shor Capital is not just an investment firm, but a crucial nurturing ground for startups. Michael Shor often acts as a fractional co-founder, offering a high degree of commitment and involvement to ensure that the startups he invests in, not only succeed but thrive. He plays a multifaceted role including understanding user needs, advocating for the product, and helping startups tune their offerings, contributing to Shor Capital’s burgeoning reputation as an emerging manager.

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Looking ahead, Shor Capital intends to continue their growth and influence within the startup ecosystem, especially within assistive tech. Given the burgeoning need for increased accessibility and inclusivity, Shor Capital’s strategic focus on this sector is anticipated to foster significant influence and growth in the industry.

Deeper implications reach towards a sustainable future where technology serves everyone, inclusive of their physical abilities. To learn more about Shor Capital and stay updated on their progressive journey, follow their Linkedin or explore their website.


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