Is Big Data the Future of Accurate Oceanic Forecasting and Modeling?


Key Takeaways:
  • Ocean Data Network is a Portland-based startup specializing in big data, data mining, and data visualization with a focus on oceanic data.
  • The startup offers a unique and cost-effective solution for collecting ocean data in real time, integrating sensors onto fishing gears.
  • With the application of big data, the Ocean Data Network can significantly enhance the accuracy of ocean modeling and forecasting.
  • The company’s future growth and the industry’s potential rest significantly on the progressive application of big data in oceanic studies.

As we delve deeper into the era of big data, an increasing number of sectors are seeking to leverage this abundant resource to enhance not only productivity but also the accuracy of predictive models. One of such sectors is oceanic forecasting and modeling, a critical field given the vast influence of oceans on the global climate and weather patterns. This is where the Portland-based startup, Ocean Data Network (ODN), is carving out its niche.

ODN provides data collection as a service, focusing intricately on filling data gaps present in oceanic studies. Equipping fishing gears with sensors, ODN collects a wide stream of co-located ocean data, from temperature to salinity and meteorological parameters, in real time. The end goal is to improve operational forecasts and the overall ocean model.

What sets ODN apart in the industry is its unique, cost-effective solution for data collection. Traditionally, collecting oceanic data is an expensive process involving sophisticated vessels and equipment. ODN disrupts this model by employing humble fishing gear, strategically mounted with sensors. This approach not only drives down costs but also allows for the collection of more comprehensive ocean data profiles.

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Furthermore, ODN’s approach to utilizing big data for real-time delivery of the collected data enables users to develop more accurate and timely ocean forecasts. Considering the impact of the ocean on various sectors, from shipping to tourism and even the military, the potential applications and implications of such improved accuracy are massive and wide-ranging.

Looking ahead, the future of ODN, and indeed the entire ocean data industry, lies in the further harnessing of big data. As technological advancements continue, we can expect even more cost-effective and efficient ways of gathering ocean data. This, coupled with advanced data analysis, promises far more accurate oceanic forecasting and modeling.

Undoubtedly, Ocean Data Network is positioned at the forefront of this revolution, shaping the future of our understanding of the oceans. Keep an eye on this promising startup via their website.


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