Is Boutique Recruiting the Future of Diversity in Software Engineering?

Key Takeaways:
  • Boutique recruiting firm Upward Recruiting is specializing in hiring for Software Engineering Roles in the US with a heavy focus on diversity hiring.
  • Female-founded and operated, Upward Recruiting capitalizes on decades of experience and has access to hundreds of potential candidates.
  • The future of recruiting may rely on targeted, boutique approach over generalized recruitment methods.

In a world where diversity in tech is increasingly vital, one startup is taking strides towards this aim. Located in the heart of the tech industry in San Francisco, Upward Recruiting is a boutique company specializing in recruiting software engineers, with a heavy focus on diversity hiring.

This woman-led startup is making waves not just in San Francisco, but also in New York and even for those in remote positions. Founded and run by Mariane Bekker, a seasoned software engineering leader, Upward Recruiting epitomizes the potential of boutique recruiting and its potential impact on software engineering diversity.

What sets this startup apart from its counterparts is its targeted focus. Upward Recruiting not only specializes in a specific field- software engineering, but it also places emphasis on diversity hiring. This specialty allows the company to excel in areas where others may not have the expertise or the network to succeed in. Its tight-knit approach helps potential candidates and companies create connections that are mutually beneficial.

Furthermore, its founders’ expertise in the tech industry gives Upward Recruiting the edge in understanding the needs and requirements of both the companies hiring and the job seekers. This gives them access to an extensive network of specialized talent, strengthening their ability to place the right people in the right roles.

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In a world where the value of diversity and inclusion is increasingly recognized, Upward Recruiting is poised to play a crucial role in helping tech companies achieve these goals. With their leadership and ever-expanding network of talent and connections, the potential for growth and impact is immense.

Could boutique recruiting be the future of the software engineering world, particularly in terms of diversity and inclusion? Only time will tell. To learn more about Upward Recruiting and its mission, visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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