Is Conversational AI the Future of Business-User Interactions in IT?

Here is an informative startup showcase about Knowbl that dives into the world of Conversational AI and its impact in the IT industry, answering the question “Is Conversational AI the Future of Business-User Interactions in IT?”

Key Takeaways:

  • Conversational AI is transforming business-user interactions in the IT industry.
  • Knowbl, a Michigan-based startup, offers an intuitive platform for quickly creating Conversational AI solutions.
  • The platform can conversationalize both structured and unstructured content.
  • The potential future of conversational AI in the IT industry as predicted by industry experts.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and among its different forms, Conversational AI is increasingly demonstrating its value. Conversational AI includes technologies that allow computers to mimic human conversation, such as chatbots, voice assistants, and messaging apps. With industries around the world becoming digital-first, conversations are changing from human-human to human-machine or machine-machine, thus sparking the growing interest in Conversational AI.

One startup making strides in this field is Knowbl, based in Northville, Michigan. Providing businesses with the tools to quickly create Conversational AI solutions, Knowbl is enabling businesses to streamline and enrich their interactions with users. The Knowbl platform has a unique capability of utilizing existing content, whether structured or unstructured, and transforming it into interactive conversations.

What Differentials the Startup?

What sets Knowbl apart is its ability to instantly ‘conversationalize’ content. This means that all existing types of content, regardless of their structure, can be made interactive via the Knowbl platform. This includes search, chat, voice, and agent assist platforms, giving businesses a wide variety of channels to implement their AI solutions. The startup’s focus on user-friendly AI development is also a major differentiator—it’s designed to lower the barrier to entry for businesses that want to explore the world of Conversational AI.

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Moreover, Knowbl’s platform is designed to be autonomous. Once a business provides the content, the AI gets to work building a system that provides users with information as needed. This provides a hands-off approach for businesses, enabling them to focus more on what they do best while maintaining optimal interaction with their users.


The future of the IT industry will likely see a greater implementation of conversational AI and startups like Knowbl are leading the way. As industries move more toward digital channels of interaction, effective communication with users becomes critical. Having resources to create user-friendly, interactive conversations will provide businesses with a competitive edge, making platforms like Knowbl all the more important.

As AI technology continues to evolve, innovators like Knowbl are ones to watch. They are paving the way toward a future where business-user interactions are seamless and intuitive, thanks to the power of Conversation AI. For more information about Knowbl, you can visit their website at, or follow their updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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