Is Outsourcing Gift Card Program Management the Future for Brands?

  • Key Takeaways:
  • TOTUS Group offers comprehensive outsourced gift card issuance and management, reducing the overhead, risks, and unknowns for brands.
  • Brands can fully exploit their gift card program’s potential, allowing them to maintain focus on their core business.
  • The startup differentiates itself through its expert management and focus on multi-channel sales.
  • Outsourcing gift card program management could be a significant trend in the future for brands.

Brands are constantly on the hunt for effective ways to reach and retain customers. Recently, a significant trend has emerged: outsourcing gift card program management. Gift cards serve as an instrumental marketing tool, drawing in new customers and reinforcing relationships with existing ones. However, running a program in-house can be fraught with challenges, including intricate legal and regulatory matters, risk management, and sales strategy. That’s where a groundbreaking startup from Dallas, Texas, comes into play: TOTUS Group.

At the crossroads of innovation and convenience, TOTUS Group specializes in preserving and developing gift card program opportunities for brands, offering a novel solution to a long-standing problem. The startup takes on almost all aspects of gift card programs, from issuance and management to legal, regulatory, and escheatment issues, to processing, card production, and multi-channel sales. In doing so, TOTUS Group is enabling business to harvest the rewards of gift card programs, freeing them from the associated responsibilities.

TOTUS Group’s unique approach to managing gift card programs differentiates it in the highly competitive market. The startup focuses on multi-channel sales, including 1st party, B2B, and 3rd party retail, which broadens the reach of their brand partners’ gift card programs. Their comprehensive service offering minimizes the unknowns and potential risks that can hamper a successful gift card scheme.

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Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of their approach is that it gives brands the chance to exploit the potential of their gift card programs, while still staying focused on their primary business operations. It allows brands to utilize the expertise of TOTUS Group, alleviating the distractions associated with managing an in-house gift card program.

If TOTUS Group’s offering is anything to go by, the future of brands in managing their gift card programs will lie in outsourcing. It’s a win-win situation where brands can revel in the profits from a truly optimized gift card scheme, without having to grapple with the complexities embedded in gift card program management. With further growth and development within the startup predicted, the industry seems set to adopt a more streamlined, efficient, and profitable method of handling this lucrative but challenging sector.

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