Is Privacy-as-a-Service the Future of Personal Health Information Protection?

Key Takeaways:

  • HealthConsent is a unique startup working to ensure privacy-as-a-service for personal health information (PHI).
  • Founded by Edward Sharpless, HealthConsent is based out of Newport Beach, California.
  • The technology being used by the company is changing the way PHI is managed, adding more control to the consumers’ hands.
  • Though a moderately young company, HealthConsent predicts a bright future for PHI protection with consistent growth potential.


In an era where data privacy is becoming increasingly significant, especially in the healthcare sector, startups like HealthConsent are winning the trust of consumers. Based out of Newport Beach, California, HealthConsent is at the forefront of privacy-as-a-service for the healthcare industry. Founded by Edward Sharpless, the startup’s primary goal is enabling individuals to control the use of their personal health information (PHI). By providing a platform focused on privacy, HealthConsent ensures that PHI is protected from being bought, sold, and wrongfully shared.

This protection service is becoming ever more essential as the healthcare industry continues to face rising challenges regarding data privacy. In response, HealthConsent asserts the freedom and rights of an individual in controlling their valuable PHI. This pioneering approach places them as a significant player in the HealthCare industry, adding a distinct layer of protection to health-related information.

Unique Differentiators

What sets HealthConsent apart is its strategic focus on individual rights and innovation in encryption technology. While most healthcare organizations stop at complying with HIPAA, HealthConsent aims to give more power back to the individual in controlling their data. Their proposition of privacy-as-a-service offers a channel for consumers to have assured control and protection of their PHI.

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Additionally, HealthConsent’s approach disrupts the traditional way of dealing with health information. By eliminating the potential misuse of data by third parties or unlawful exchange, HealthConsent strengthens the level of trust individuals can have towards managing their health data. This emphasis on building trust while ensuring adherence to the best privacy jobs is what makes HealthConsent a standout startup.

Conclusion and Future

On analyzing the trajectory of the industry and the solutions HealthConsent is bringing forward, it can be predicted that privacy-as-a-service is indeed the future of PHI protection. As privacy concerns increase globally, Services like what HealthConsent offers will become increasingly important. By giving greater power in the hands of consumers and defending against unwarranted access and use of sensitive health information, HealthConsent seems to be picturing a very promising future.

The healthcare industry presents an expansive potential for HealthConsent’s growth. With a clear trajectory towards privacy prioritization, Edward Sharpless’s brainchild can expect to paint a much larger footprint in the industry in the coming years. For those interested in staying in touch with their progress, you can follow them at their Twitter and visit their website for more information.

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