Is Resale the Future of Sustainable E-Commerce in the Fashion Industry?

  • Key Takeaways:
  • Treet is a San Francisco-based startup launched in 2021 that assists fashion brands in becoming more sustainable through resale.
  • The company provides a completely branded peer-to-peer resale platform to control the secondary market of fashion products.
  • Customers can buy and sell on Treet Marketplaces using brand credit or cash, with profits divided between the brand and Treet.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in consumer spheres, startups like Treet are demonstrating how this shift might change the landscape of e-commerce in the fashion industry. Started in 2021 by Jake Disraeli and Sonia Yang, Treet aims to help modern clothing brands grow responsibly by facilitating resale.

Resale, especially in the fashion sector, has emerged as a sustainable alternative to the traditional consumptive pattern of wear-and-dispose. Treet has recognized this trend and created a platform where customers can buy and sell second-hand, excellent-quality items from their favorite brands. Offering a secondary market site allows their customers to engage with the brand past their initial purchase and contributes to a more circular fashion economy.

What Makes Treet Stand Out?

Treet’s branded resale platform gives brands control over their secondary marketplace. This is an essential differentiation as it puts the brand at the center of the resale process, rather than the traditional resellers. By having complete control over the resale of their items, brands can regulate pricing, ensure authenticity, control brand image and communication, and create a more intimate and direct sales channel with their community.

The brand-centric business model is not the only factor that sets Treet apart; they simplify the process by managing all the logistics and support. The platform allows customers to sell their used items for cash or brand credit, thereby providing an incentive to participate in the eco-friendly resale market.

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The Future of Treet and Sustainable E-Commerce

The future looks promising for Treet as more and more brands seek to tap into the resale market to promote sustainability. As the fashion world moves towards a more circular economy and customers become increasingly eco-conscious, the need for startups like Treet is bound to increase. The massive potential in this sector accompanied by Treet’s unique brand-centric approach could set the stage for a rising star in sustainable e-commerce.

As Treet begins to envision its impact on the sustainable e-commerce industry, the startup has been active on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, connecting with customers and sharing important insight into the future of sustainable fashion. Visit Treet’s website to see how they’re making fashion resale sustainable, stylish, and easy for both brands and consumers alike.

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