Is Secure Social Networking The Future of Mobile and Software Industries?

Key Takeaways:

  • The Social Earth Network provides predetermined, safe meeting spots for its users to socialize, creating a safer social networking environment.
  • The SOCI@L application differentiates itself by allowing users to search for others based on similar traits and interests.
  • The application also caters to existing businesses by creating a new niche of customers.
  • As privacy issues continue to plague major social media networks, startups like Social Earth Network may pave the future for secure social networking.


Based in San Antonio, Texas, the Social Earth Network is an innovative startup that addresses the pressing need for security in the increasingly digital age of social networking. Leveraging the vast potential of mobile and software technologies, they have created the SOCI@L application – a unique solution that enables users to connect with people having similar traits and interests and meet them at pre-determined, safe locations.

As social media platforms grapple with user safety concerns, the Social Earth Network is carving out a niche for itself by putting safety at the forefront. Their initiative redefines the way people connect and socialize, providing a safe platform for human interaction and taking steps to eliminate the problem of finding safe meeting locations.


What sets the Social Earth Network apart from other social networking platforms is its emphasis on user safety and its proximity-based networking concept. The SOCI@L app allows users to connect and meet at secure, predetermined locations, ensuring the users’ safety and mitigating risks that can come from meeting strangers at non-secure locations. This creates an environment where users can feel confident about meeting new contacts.

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In addition to enhancing user safety, the Social Earth Network also benefits local businesses by acting as a conduit for generating potential customers. By selecting local businesses as meeting spots, the SOCI@L app promotes these businesses to their user base, creating a new customer stream. It’s a win-win situation that significantly differentiates the start-up.


In the future, the practices implemented by the Social Earth Network could set the standard for social networking platforms, particularly as concerns regarding online safety continue to grow. By prioritizing secure face-to-face networking and user safety, they could potentially herald a significant change in the mobile and software industries.

You can learn more about the Social Earth Network and their progress at their website. For the latest updates, you can also follow them on their social media platforms. The future of secure social networking may just be on the horizon, and with startups like Social Earth Network leading the way, we wait in anticipation.

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