Is There A Revolution in Commercial Trucking Safety Compliance and Training?

“Is there a revolution in commercial trucking safety compliance and training?” This has been a question at the forefront of the transportation industry in recent times. Today, we will be presenting a startup called Integrated Trucking Solution which could very well become a significant part of this revolution.

Key Takeaways

  • Integrated Trucking Solution specializes in motor carrier safety compliance, hazmat, cargo tank, and accident investigation services.
  • The extensive list of services provided by Integrated Trucking Solution encapsulates training for all safety requirements, local, and federal regulations.
  • Startups like Integrated Trucking Solution are spearheading a safety revolution in the commercial trucking industry.

Located in Union, New Jersey, Integrated Trucking Solution is paving its path in the commercial training and transportation industry. The company has a direct focus on motor carrier safety compliance, hazmat, cargo tank, and accident investigation services. Through providing these specialized services, Integrated Trucking Solution aims to create a safer and more efficient environment for the commercial trucking industry.

They provide comprehensive services including formations, EIN, dot number, MC, authority services, BOC-3, SCAC codes, UCR registrations, DQ files, policies, training, safety audits, compliance review audit services, and moreover safety inspections. With such an extensive list of services, Integrated Trucking Solution covers a significant part of necessary safety compliance and training in the industry.

What distinguishes Integrated Trucking Solution in this sector is its attention to comprehensive offerings. While other similar companies might only focus on some aspects of safety compliance and training, Integrated Trucking Solution encapsulates everything from inspection training for hours of service, maintenance, and all safety requirements, to local and federal regulations. This allows the company to leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring safety compliance and providing top-notch training.

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Additionally, Integrated Trucking Solution provides accident investigation services. The implications of this service can be significant as these investigations can lead to great insights to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, thus improving safety standards for the entire industry.

With a broader industry shift towards safety optimization and a growing emphasis on training, the future looks promising for Integrated Trucking Solution. As the commercial trucking industry evolves, the demand for comprehensive safety compliance and training will likely increase, marking a new era of safety in the field. The company’s extensive safety and training services position them in a strong place for continued growth and industry influence.

To learn more about Integrated Trucking Solution, visit their website at You can also follow them on Facebook and connect with them on Linkedin for the latest updates from the company.

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