Is This B2B Fintech Transforming Private Market Asset Deal Infrastructure?

Key Takeaways:
  • PactFi is a B2B Fintech, established to redesign the infrastructure of the private asset market.
  • The private asset market has tripled in the past two decades, yet remains chained to manual processes and disjointed legacy systems.
  • PactFi serves institutional asset managers, banks, and investors, catering to their needs through their data, workflow and marketplace products.

In the realm of Financial Services and Fintech, PactFi is a name that’s been garnering considerable attention. Officially known as Private Asset Coordination and Tracking for Financial Institutions, this B2B Fintech holds the objective of transforming the manner in which the private asset market operates. Locationally rooted in the financial hub that New York is, PactFi is an end-to-end deal structure for private market assets. The inception of PactFi hails on the back of stark growth in private assets – having seen them double the rate of public market assets in the past two decades and triple in size, totaling to over 7 trillion dollars in assets managed.

Despite the monumental growth, the industry finds itself shackled to manual processes and siloed legacy systems, a concern that PactFi is determined to alleviate. To this end, the company serves institutional asset managers, banks, and investors by offering products that span data, workflows and marketplaces.

The most exciting factor that differentiates PactFi from competitors lies in its commitment to streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. By promising end-to-end deal structure, PactFi not only tackles the common issues the private asset market faces, but also introduces a unique, overarching solution. Essentially, it replaces the redundant, manual and siloed legacy systems with an integrated and automated platform. In addition, the company provides a variety of products that span across data access, workflows and marketplace, which further validates their commitment to the optimization of the industry.

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Furthermore, PactFi boosts its legitimacy and commitment by regularly collaborating with some of the most prominent institutional asset managers, banks, and investors. Aided by an experienced, visionary team of founders, including Alexa Halcomb and Emma Zhang, PactFi demonstrates a promising potential for growth and innovation.

Trends suggest the private asset market will continue to witness growth in the coming years. As an industry blatantly stifled by antiquated systems and outdated methodologies, the solutions brought forth by PactFi open the door for transformative innovation, potentially leading to a massive overhaul in private asset market infrastructure. With a clear-sighted vision and an eagerness for disruption, PactFi appears poised for success.

In an industry as dynamic as fintech, any startup’s journey can take unpredictable turns. However, by manifesting the ideal blend of keen insight, innovative solutions and tenacious drive, PactFi seems ready to carve its own path. For further updates, stay connected via their website: and follow them on LinkedIn.


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