Is Your SMB Compliant With Emerging Carbon Footprint Reporting Requirements?

Key Takeaways:

  • Increasing regulations require SMBs to report their carbon footprint.
  • Carbon Calories is a startup providing easy-to-understand carbon footprint assessments.
  • They use data from various publicly available databases to create comprehensive reports.
  • This innovative startup is set to lead the way in carbon footprint tracing and reporting.

As the importance of sustainability grows, so too do the requirements for businesses to report their environmental impact. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not exempt from these responsibilities. In fact, as their numbers comprise the majority of businesses within the economies of most countries, their impact can be significant. Legislations and regulations are increasingly mandating these businesses to disclose their carbon footprint. To help your SMB with these growing demands, a New York-based startup, Carbon Calories, is stepping in to make this process seamless and easy to understand.

Carbon Calories operates within the information services and sustainability industries. Founded by Alexander Frantzen, their work revolves around making carbon footprint assessments comprehensible not only for their client SMBs but also for the consumers of those businesses’ products. The need for such services has never been clearer, with the State of Green Business Report 2020 indicating an increased requirement for carbon emissions data disclosure for businesses of all sizes.

What sets Carbon Calories apart is its approach to data collection and communication. The B2B2C company manages to aggregate data from various publicly available databases – from government organisations to academic institutions – and mixes it into comprehensive and standardised reports. Working in collaboration through open-source endeavours such as the WikiCarbon project, Carbon Calories is able to present tangible, precise carbon emissions data for the products SMBs deliver to their customers. By doing so, they not just keep businesses compliant with reporting requirements but also push for greater transparency within the industries that they service.

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But Carbon Calories does not stop there. Their vision moves far beyond meeting the minimum reporting requirements. By providing easily understandable data, they aim to assist consumers in making more informed purchasing decisions. In this effort, they contribute to promoting a shift towards sustainable consumer behaviour, supporting the overall drive towards tackling climate change.

As demands for sustainability reporting increases, Carbon Calories is poised to lead in the niche it inhabits. The startup’s contribution to increased transparency, regulatory compliance, and promotion of sustainable behaviours signifies a bright future. As they continue to innovate and evolve, they are undeniably set to redraft the landscape of carbon emissions reporting in the SME sector.

For more on Carbon Calories, you can follow their journey and reach out to them through their website here and social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn.

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