Is Your Website Truly Accessible? Exploring Top ADA & WCAG Compliance Solutions


Key Takeaways:

  • Compliant is a startup that ensures websites are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.
  • More than15% of people are still unable to engage with the global marketplace or access basic online opportunities due to non-accessible websites.
  • With one simple automated line of code, Compliant establishes ADA (American with Disabilities Act) & WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance for your website.

Launched in Los Angeles in 2021, Compliant is a trailblazing startup with a unique solution to address an ongoing global issue – website accessibility. Co-founded by Jon Zacharias and Kevin Miller, the company discovered a need for an automated software application that ensures websites are accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

With an estimated 15% of humanity unable to access numerous websites and consequently the global marketplace due to a lack of compliance, Compliant aspires to change this. The company thus focuses on remedying this issue by promoting compliance with the ADA and WCAG guidelines amongst other global standards and legislation.

What differentiates Compliant from other similar startups, is their easy-to-implement solution. Many business owners are not even aware that their websites are inaccessible or non-compliant, thereby unintentionally excluding a sizable part of the population. Compliant strives to fix this with a single, automatic line of code that ensures all necessary adjustments are made to attain compliance across various platforms.

This revolutionary and user-friendly solution can be a game-changer for the internet, marketplace, SaaS, software, and web apps industries by making every website that uses their solution inclusive and accessible. Compliant takes a significant step forward, not just for people with disabilities, but for everyone who believes in a fully inclusive digital platform.

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As we look toward the future of Compliant, we see a promising prospect. Their innovative solution is positioned at the forefront of an accessible and inclusive digital market. They’re not just breaking down barriers; they’re reconstructing the digital landscape to accommodate everyone. By doing so, they’re paving the way for other startups to follow suit and embrace inclusivity and accessibility as standard business practices.

Compliant is indeed taking a leading role in shaping the future of web accessibility, by ensuring a seamless and inclusive user experience. Discover more about their mission and join their journey through ADA and WCAG compliance by visiting their website and follow their innovating progress on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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