Key Influential Sunnyvale AI Startups Revolutionizing Technology Landscape in 2023

Based out of Silicon Valley, in Sunnyvale, California, a diverse range of startups are leveraging artificial intelligence to disrupt industries and create innovative services. From digital marketplaces to edtech to healthcare, these startups are revolutionizing traditional processes through their innovative applications of AI. Among these exciting startups are SuperAnnotate,, CROSSLINKER, Datasaur, FetchyFox, Tensor Networks, Sunny Solutions, Prof Jim, Neuronix AI Labs, ViFiVE, Ainume, Shyld AI, AGE-LESS AI, ThinkBe Inc., and Altimate AI. Here, we dive into what makes each of these companies unique.


Founded by Davit Badalyan, Jason Liang, and Tigran Petrosyan, SuperAnnotate offers an end-to-end platform for managing, integrating, and versioning training data for AI. Their services fall under the industries of artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, SaaS, and software. Visit their website here., co-founded by Murali Mahalingam and Saahil Kamath, provides APIs for voice and chat intelligence. Their AI powered automated meeting assistant reshapes the dynamics of online meetings. The industries they serve include analytics, artificial intelligence, information technology, SaaS, and software. Explore their services here.


Operating in the artificial intelligence, information technology, software industries, CROSSLINKER is a company focused on AI development. They continue to develop innovative solutions with AI at the core. Learn more about them here.


Co-founded by Ivan Lee, Datasaur caters to the need for productive data labelling tools. With its roots in artificial intelligence, information technology, and productivity tools, Datasaur comes up with productive solutions for data labeling needs. Check out their exciting range of tools here.


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A mobile payments platform using AI, FetchyFox is a digital marketplace for public spaces such as airports. Co-founded by Cha Li and Christina Apatow, FetchyFox employs analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing in their innovations. Discover more about them here.

Tensor Networks

Tensor Networks, founded by Eric Frazier and Maria Flores, has established a local object platform for safety, security, and stability with AI. Their platform can also integrate blockchain technology. To learn more about their services, visit their website here.

Sunny Solutions

Catering to the electronics, robotics, and smart home industries, Sunny Solutions provides an independent device for personal and shared use integrated with AI. Co-founded by Andrew Rumiantcev, Andrey Gerasimenko, and Andrey Mishurenkov, this robot can connect and control any digital device. More about their innovations can be found here.

Prof Jim

Prof Jim, an edtech startup co-founded by Deepak Sekar, Maria Walley, and Pranav Mehta, uses AI to revolutionize the education sector. Gain insights into their education platform here.

Neuronix AI Labs

Neuronix AI Labs reduces computer-vision AI cost and power by 95% for both cloud and edge-device applications. Co-founded by Asher Hazanchuk, this startup serves the artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer vision, information technology, and machine learning industries. Learn more about their work here.


ViFiVE, co-founded by Stephen Choi, develops AI technology to aid people in leading a healthier life. They provide disruptive solutions in the artificial intelligence, healthcare and web development industries. Find their services here.


In the artificial intelligence and healthcare industries, Ainume provides a natural language processing and AI-driven computer vision platform. Bao Tram Duong, Jatin Gupta, and Min Lee are the co-founders who launched Ainume. Discover more about them here.

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Shyld AI

Co-founded by Mohammad Noshad and Morteza Noshad, Shyld AI leverages the power of AI to stop virus transmission. They have made significant strides in the artificial intelligence industry. Learn more about them here.


AGE-LESS AI is a typical example of how AI can improve healthcare. Co-founded by Anthony Mooz, the startup aims at providing solutions for the artificial intelligence, healthcare, life science, medical device, and software industries. Discover more about their innovative solutions here.

ThinkBe Inc.

ThinkBe Inc., co-founded by Jason Drury and Jianlong Ha, is committed to free AI from software completely. They have broken ground in the artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, and semiconductor industries. Check out their work and innovative solutions here.

Altimate AI

Altimate AI, co-founded by Anand Gupta and Pradnesh Patil, has established data quality, performance, and governance in the data lifecycle through their analytics-specific artificial intelligence. Their services span analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud data services, and machine learning. Find out more about them here.

In Sunnyvale, California, these startups are spearheading the artificial intelligence revolution. From education to healthcare to e-commerce, these companies are using AI to transform how we live, work, and interact. Each startup offers unique solutions that illustrate the immense potential of artificial intelligence in transforming our world.

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