Leading Influential LA Social Media Startups Reshaping Digital Landscape in 2023

The social media landscape continues to burgeon with innovation and creativity. Particularly in the heartland of technology and trend-setting, Los Angeles, California, the emergence of new startups reshaping the social media space is a frequent occurrence. This article reviews some of the most interesting and ground-breaking social media startups currently making waves in L.A.

While social media startups are a dime a dozen, the L.A. scene showcases a rich diversity in terms of ideas, execution and industries served. From gaming experiences, content creation, dating apps to emergency management, these startups are leveraging the reach and tools of social media in innovative ways. Further, these startups offer an interesting mix of B2C and B2B models.

In the following sections, you will gain a glimpse into the vision, services and teams behind these startups. Whether it’s providing platforms for creators, redefining gaming experiences or facilitating brand marketing, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with social media.


Artie is disrupting the mobile gaming industry by using blockchain technology, digital entertainment and social media. Co-founded by Armando Kirwin and Ryan Horrigan, Artie improves the economics of mobile games for developers and redefines the gaming experience for players.


Co-founded by Anas Bouassami, Pierre-Habté Nouvellon, and Redouane Ramdani, Snipfeed is a platform where content creators can build and grow their empires. Operating at the intersection of content creation, e-commerce and social media, Snipfeed is a go-to solution for creators.

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Kippo is an avatar-based social network designed for meeting new people. Founded by Cheeyoon Lee and David Park, this platform is unique within the fields of dating, mobile apps, social media and social networking.


With Flustr, users get the chance to compete with friends in live, short-form video games with spectators controlling the outcome. Founders Lih Chang, Miurika Valery, and Shawn Janik aim to combine content creation, gaming, and video streaming to create a novel social media experience.

TalentX Entertainment

In the realm of media and entertainment, social media monetization and talent development dominate. TalentX Entertainment, co-founded by Jason Wilhelm, Josh Richards, and Michael Gruen help artists thrive in this complex landscape.


Marble, developed by Robert Fair and Taylor Martyr, offers the ability to connect all your social accounts & links in one place. Operating at the crossroads of advertising, marketing, social media, and software, Marble aims to simplify the digital footprint.


harbor is an app and readiness platform that leverages social media to prepare people for emergency situations. Co-founded by Dan Kessler and Eduardo Fonseca, harbor provides a unique use-case for digital media, national security, and software.

Real Hype Creative Technology

Co-founded by Erica Yang, Real Hype Creative Technology provides services spanning content creation, marketing, event management to social media management. Real Hype’s comprehensive digital marketing services make it a one-stop solution for businesses.

World 1 League

World 1 League, developed by Brett Morris, Erik Vendt, and Jim Swartz, re-invents world sports for a new generation. Leveraging social media and mobile advertising, this platform mixes sports and social media interactions in an exciting way.

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ASVC, founded by Aaron Samuels, is an early stage VC firm investing in the content economy. Using social media to seek out and support growth projects, ASVC stands at the intersection of advertising, e-commerce, internet, marketing, and social media.

Claire Bahn

The Claire Bahn Group, co-founded by Claire Bahn and Gordon Gooch, is a communications and marketing agency. They specialize in advertising, personal branding, public relations, and social media management.


Salt is a production agency focused on experiential, events, photo, and video platforms. Situated at the heart of event creation and social media, Salt offers an array of services, from film production to video advertising.

Bruno PR & Social

Nicole Bruno is behind Bruno PR & Social, an agency offering social media management and ads, public relations, content, digital, and influencer marketing services. Through this platform, Bruno represents a multi-faceted approach to modern digital marketing.

Bloc13 Agency

Bloc13 Agency specializes in influencer marketing, branding, content creation, and social media marketing services. The company’s dedication to engendering powerful social media presences for brands sets it apart in the industry.

Future Proof Advisors

Future Proof Advisors, founded by Terry Dry, is a strategic advisory firm that guides mid-market and emerging companies achieve meaningful growth. Operating in consulting, e-commerce, marketing, retail, and social media, Future Proof Advisors is a essential tool for businesses seeking to leverage social media in their growth strategies.

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