Leading Miami Consulting Startups Reshaping Industry Landscape in 2023

The city of Miami, known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and bustling financial district, also hosts an impressive array of eclectic startups with innovative offerings. From high-tech digital product agencies to strategically-minded e-commerce management companies, the entrepreneurial scene in Miami is as diverse as the city itself. It’s an exciting time for the startup industry in the Sunshine State, and these Miami-based consulting businesses are certainly contributing to the buzz.

The modern business landscape necessitates the agile strategies and fresh creativity that these startups bring to the table. They span a range of industries including Information Technology, E-Commerce, Marketing, Law, and Financial Services, serving a variety of professional needs. Their offerings include everything from product research and sourcing to digital transformation and AI services. Let’s unpack some of the noteworthy consulting startups that call Miami home.

It’s interesting to note that while their services and areas of expertise may vary, they all share a common purpose: to aid other businesses in achieving their goals. This is achieved by offering unique solutions, specialized knowledge, and innovative strategies custom tailored to their clients’ specific needs. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these rising stars in Miami’s startup scene.

Product Lab LLC

Product Lab LLC is a digital product agency with a focus on advertising, consulting, and information technology. Founded by Jason Bennick, they aim to bring digital products to life to respond to the most pressing needs of businesses in Miami and beyond.

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Next Gen Strategic Investments

Next Gen Strategic Investments is an e-commerce management company that provides advice, business development, and management consulting services. Their approach involves shaping the future of business through strategic e-commerce solutions.

BrookeWealth Global, LLC

BrookeWealth Global, LLC, a global management consulting firm, was started by Adam Brooke. They assist businesses in various practices and industries to create long-lasting value.

Media Trends Group

Media Trends Group is an advertising agency that offers a variety of services including marketing, e-commerce, web development, ERP, CRM, social media marketing, and consulting. They strive to connect businesses to their clients through innovative digital platforms.


PAG.law is a legal firm that provides legal services for venture capital, media and privacy, technology, and other corporate matters. Their strength lies in their experience and deep understanding of complex corporate matters in various industries.


AMZTOTAL is an e-commerce agency that provides product research, sourcing, and manufacturing services. This interesting startup leverages market research and industry know-how to propel businesses in the realm of e-commerce.

Magellan Consulting Group

The Magellan Consulting Group is a business consulting service company that offers digital transformation, data analytics, and AI services. Their goal is to help companies navigate the digital sphere with their comprehensive and innovative solutions.


Witdato provides consulting services, social media listening, and data extraction services. With their clever blend of technology and strategic insight, Witdato is making waves in the Miami startup scene.

Larch Capital Partners

Established by Rita Tavares, Larch Capital Partners provides investment management consulting services. They work towards ensuring businesses manage their investments in a way that boosts their potential growth and profitability.

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Journeys Through Search

Journeys Through Search offers content creation, SEO, and PPC services. Their goal is to optimize businesses’ search results and pay-per-click advertisements to maximize their digital visibility and reach.

Global Expansion 360

Global Expansion 360 is a consulting firm that provides strategic advice and management consulting services. Their commitment to their clients’ growth is reflected in their comprehensive approach to business consulting.

SEO Reseller

Founded by Peter Shimming, SEO Reseller is committed to helping digital professionals develop a profitable business by providing reliable and scalable SEO services.

Let´s USA

Started by Nilton Freire Neves, Let´s USA is a legal firm specializing in immigration and green card consulting services for individuals. Their dedication to providing thorough and competent legal assistance makes them stand out in the startup ecosystem in Miami.

Wenbrands Consulting

Wenbrands Consulting focuses solely on the consulting aspect of business operations. They offer personalized and impactful solutions that are designed to elevate their clientele’s business performance and strategies.

Seaview Investment Managers

Seaview Investment Managers is an investment advisory firm that offers
impactful investment plans to clients. Their dedication to creating effective and tailored financial plans for their clients sets them apart.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the city of Miami is a melting pot of innovative consulting startups. These firms present creative solutions and deliver unprecedented value in their respective fields. They continue to shape the business landscape not just in Miami, Florida, but for clients all over the globe.

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