Level Up NYC – Exploring the Gaming Innovators of New York


In the bustling streets of New York City, where dreams come true, a vibrant and dynamic gaming ecosystem is thriving. From esports communities to mobile game developers, these 15 innovative gaming startups are pushing the boundaries of the industry, creating immersive experiences and connecting gamers like never before. Join us as we delve into the world of gaming startups in the Big Apple, where the fusion of technology and creativity is shaping the future of play.

TagBull – Leveraging Crowd Consensus for Dataset Labeling

TagBull is a dataset labeling platform that harnesses crowd consensus and HCI research to provide training data for machine learning. In the realm of gaming, this startup contributes to the development of cutting-edge AI-powered games by generating accurate and reliable data sets, revolutionizing the gaming experience.

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Dive – Custom Analytics & LiveOps for Enhanced Gaming

Dive offers custom analytics and LiveOps services for game developers, leveraging big data and business intelligence to optimize game performance. This startup empowers game creators to gain deep insights into player behavior, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that enhance gaming experiences.

The*gameHERs – Empowering Women in the Gaming Industry

The*gameHERs is a media platform and social networking community designed for women who play games and work in the gaming industry. Through this innovative startup, women gamers find a supportive space to connect, collaborate, and elevate each other’s contributions to the gaming world.

Visit Dojo – Bridging Brands, Creators, and Gabmers

Visit Dojo serves as a connective bridge, bringing brands and creators together with gamers and online communities. By facilitating this collaboration, Visit Dojo fosters authentic relationships between game developers, influencers, and their enthusiastic player base.

Vesey Studios – Crafting Casual and Hyper-Casual Mobile Games

Vesey Studios is a mobile gaming platform that excels in developing casual and hyper-casual games. Through captivating gameplay and engaging narratives, Vesey Studios brings a new dimension to mobile gaming, catering to diverse audiences and creating delightful experiences.

GosuNow – Building a Thriving Esports Community

GosuNow focuses on fostering an active and thriving esports community by organizing tournaments and facilitating esports events. By providing a platform for competitive gaming, this startup plays a vital role in the ever-evolving esports landscape.

Feature Gaming – Empowering Streamers with Gaming Tournaments

Feature Gaming supports streamers in hosting gaming tournaments for their fans and viewers. With a focus on gamification and digital entertainment, this startup adds excitement and engagement to the gaming community.

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Glow Up Games – Unlocking Hidden Markets through Diverse Stories

Glow Up Games creates and publishes mobile games featuring diverse and inclusive narratives. By unlocking hidden markets within the gaming industry, this startup addresses the need for representation and inclusivity in gaming.

Community Gaming – Simplifying Tournament Organization with Blockchain

CommunityGaming.io streamlines tournament organization with the help of blockchain technology. Through this innovative approach, this startup creates an easy and transparent process for organizing gaming competitions.

Allstar – Preserving Gaming Memories through Personalized Videos

Allstar develops technology that enables gamers to capture, personalize, and share their greatest gaming moments through custom videos. This startup transforms memorable in-game experiences into shareable content for gamers to cherish.

Phovi – Connecting Gamers through Social Multiplabyer Platform

Phovi is a social platform that connects users through multiplayer games, communities, and offline experiences. By offering a unique blend of gaming and social networking, Phovi enhances the social aspects of gaming.

1v1Me – Uniting Competitive Gaming and Real-World Rewards

1v1Me provides an app that allows gamers to compete against each other for real-world rewards without any upfront fees. By merging esports and mobile gaming, this startup adds a new dimension of excitement to the gaming scene.

Whoosh – Revolutionizing Golf Operations with Modern Software

Whoosh is a developer of modern golf operations software designed for private clubs. By introducing technology into the world of golf, this startup enhances the overall experience of golf enthusiasts and clubs alike.

SquadOV – Empowering Gamers with Gameplay Analysis

SquadOV is an app that allows users to record and analyze gameplay, enabling gamers to improve their skills and share their best moments with the gaming community.

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Overplay – Empowering Anyone to Create Casual Mobile Games

Overplay empowers users to create, share, and play casual mobile games without any coding skills. This startup democratizes game development, making it accessible to everyone with a passion for gaming.


In the concrete jungle of New York City, gaming startups are embracing technology, creativity, and community to shape the future of play. From esports to mobile gaming, these 15 innovative ventures are pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry, offering exciting opportunities for gamers and creators alike. As these startups continue to evolve and redefine the gaming landscape, New York stands at the forefront of the gaming revolution, where passion meets innovation and the possibilities are boundless.

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