Loanspark: The Fintech Startup Empowering SMBs Through Co-Branded Partnerships and SDO Certification

Empowering Small and Minority-Owned Businesses: Loanspark's Co-Branded Partnerships and SDO Certification

Loanspark, a fintech start-up, announced today that it has received its Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) certification, reinforcing its commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity in state contracting. The certification will allow Loanspark to access increased business partnership opportunities and strengthen its reach to small and minority-owned businesses (SMBs) that require financial guidance.

Founded by Michael Barnett, Loanspark’s mission is to create a space where businesses of any size or kind have equal access to capital and financial opportunities. With that vision in mind, Loanspark works directly with B2B service providers to create lending solutions for their business customers. In this article, we’ll explore Loanspark’s unique approach to SMB funding and the significance of its recent SDO certification.

Co-Branded Partnerships: Empowering SMBs with Accessible and Affordable Funding Solutions

Loanspark is at the forefront of creating accessible and affordable funding solutions for SMBs. It empowers B2B service providers to offer favorable business funding solutions to their customers. Loanspark does so through co-branded partnerships, a robust loan origination platform, and an ever-growing marketplace with SMB funding programs.

Loanspark creates a commercial funding ecosystem that’s mutually beneficial to lenders and borrowers. It promotes growth to its partners by positioning them as value-added lenders to their customers. In the process, SMBs gain quick, easy, safe, and affordable access to much-needed capital. Loanspark’s co-branded partnerships offer a unique opportunity for SMBs to access funding solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and financial circumstances.

SDO Certification: Reinforcing the Importance of Minorities in Entrepreneurship

The recent SDO certification received by Loanspark reinforces the importance of minorities in entrepreneurship. The certification works to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity in state contracting for minority-owned small businesses in Massachusetts. Loanspark’s SDO certification will enhance its ability to conduct business in both private and public markets.

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The SDO certification will further advance Loanspark’s mission by adding them to a space with other minority-owned businesses and allowing more B2B companies to access their services. The SDO’s intentional promotion of diverse, small businesses is done through training, outreach, analyzing large bidding opportunities, and connecting businesses with needed resources. The SDO hosts networking events throughout the year which will connect Loanspark with B2B service providers, and will enable those providers to build economic prosperity for local SMBs.


Loanspark’s innovative approach to SMB funding, combined with its recent SDO certification, demonstrates its commitment to promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity in state contracting. By empowering SMBs with accessible and affordable funding solutions through co-branded partnerships, Loanspark is making a significant impact on the financial well-being of SMBs.

The recent SDO certification received by Loanspark reinforces the importance of minorities in entrepreneurship, promoting equity and diversity in state contracting. As Loanspark continues to expand its reach and empower SMBs through co-branded partnerships, it is poised to become a major player in the fintech industry.


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