Major Los Angeles Film Startups: Influential Innovations in Hollywood 2023

Los Angeles, California – the mecca of the film industry where dreams of fame and success have drawn talents worldwide. The city has long been associated with Hollywood and the star-studded glamor of the silver screen, however, as technology continues to permeate all realms, the landscape of film and media is evolving. A new generation of innovative startups are changing the game, harnessing the potential of online platforms, augmented reality, and a shift in consumer behavior. Here is a close look at some of the most interesting film startups currently making waves in Los Angeles.

These companies have not only identified the emerging trends and gaps in the industry but have also shown agility and creativity in addressing these needs. Startup culture in LA is thriving, and these remarkable companies are leading the charge. From media production to global commercial distribution, these startups are offering diverse and exciting services.

While they all operate within the realm of the film industry, each brings a unique approach and vision, working in areas such as film production, distribution, event management, branding, and even developing content for new platforms such as smart speakers. The following are some of the most promising startups that are reshaping the film scene in LA.

Crossroads Live

Crossroads Live is a media and entertainment company that has made its mark in the industry by specializing in producing musical theatre, pantomime, and immersive experiences. With their innovative ideas and fresh approach to entertainment, Crossroads Live is certainly one to watch.

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Recognized for its global commercial distribution platform for content creators, 1091 is revolutionizing the ways in which films and media are shared and consumed across the world, particularly changing the film distribution landscape.

Jumpcut Media

Founded by Kartik Hosanagar, Jumpcut Media is a data-driven studio company. Its main focus is on films and TV shows for a global pool of creators, leveraging technology and data to aid in the creation and distribution of content.

TV4 Entertainment

TV4 Entertainment is innovating the film and television industry by bringing new ideas, methods, and services. Their inventive approach is marked by their constant pursuit of evolving methods of storytelling.

Revery Media

Revery Media, co-founded by Justin Schaefer and Fred Graver, is a development and production studio specializing in creating narrative content for smart speakers – an innovative and forward-thinking venture in the current era of technology.


Salt, an agency producing content for experiential, events, photo, and video platforms, is effectively navigating the new age of digital consumption, utilizing various platforms for creative content distribution.

Gorilla With A Pen

Gorilla With A Pen has mastered the art of diversity by providing a host of services. They’re a media company that offers branding, film production, publishing, and event management services, catering to a wide client base.

Atypical Artists

Atypical Artists, founded by Lauren Shippen, is an all-in-house production studio focused on creating fresh narratives across a broad range of entertainment mediums. This innovative company brings unique, engaging, and high-quality productions to the audience.

Curation Entertainment

Curation Entertainment, a media company, develops and produces television series. They are well-poised in the film and television industry with their well-curated and diverse content.

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Plastik is a production company that stands out for its services in entertainment promotion and branded content. They’re effectively blending creativity with business, providing custom content solutions for brands.


HDSCreative is a company that provides comprehensive film, television, and event services – showcasing their versatility and wide-reaching scope in the industry.

The Stolen Children Film

The Stolen Children Film is a noble venture addressing sensitive topics of adoption by producing documentaries to highlight the issues and stir conversations.

Rezistor Studios

With a specialization in creative content, brand development, and music video production, Rezistor Studios, founded by Marc Furmie, is certainly making its presence felt in the media production scene.

The Studio Rev

The Studio Rev is an entertainment company that specializes in music for film campaign. Their creative productions are merging the two powerful art forms of music and film to offer a unique entertainment experience.

In conclusion, even as the global film industry continues evolving, LA retains its reputation as an industry powerhouse with these innovative production and media startups. Each of these companies represents a different facet of the film industry, offering unique contributions and collectively transforming the film and media landscape of Los Angeles.

As technology continues to influence our viewing habits and ways we interact with content, these startups are well-positioned to thrive and bring new visions to life. From spectacular musical theatre performances to cutting-edge content for smart speakers, the future of film in Los Angeles will be shaped by these innovative new players.

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