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Map My Customers Locks Down Seed Round, Secures Future of Geospatial Sales and CRM!

Key Takeaways:

  1. New York-based startup, Map My Customers, successfully closes its seed round fundraising.
  2. Triangle Tweener Fund leads the investment.
  3. The startup, operating at the cross-section of Computer, CRM, Logistics, Marketing, SaaS, Sales Automation, and Software, raises the total funding amount to $2,875,000.
  4. Map My Customers offers a unique geospatial sales platform that enables marketing agents to map and share customers’ locations.

In the ever-competitive landscape of CRM and sales automation, one startup has been making substantial waves – Map My Customers. Today, the company is excited to announce that it has successfully closed its seed funding round, cementing its future in the world of geospatial sales solutions.

Map My Customers, a New York-based startup, operates in a unique niche. They offer a geospatial sales platform designed to help marketing agents map and share customers’ locations. This service fills a distinct gap in the industry, providing companies with invaluable insights that can significantly enhance their customer relationship management and marketing efforts.

The lead investor in this funding round is none other than the Triangle Tweener Fund, which recognized the enormous potential in Map My Customers’ unique business model. The seed funding round’s success demonstrates the confidence investors have in Map My Customers and its ability to transform how companies manage and utilize location-based customer data.

This seed round pushes the total amount of funding raised by Map My Customers to a remarkable $2,875,000. Considering that this is their fourth funding round, it’s clear that Map My Customers has caught the attention of savvy investors looking for innovative solutions in CRM, Logistics, Marketing, SaaS, Sales Automation, and Software sectors.

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The timing of the seed funding round, which closed on July 6th, 2023, also suggests that Map My Customers is keen to capitalize on the current market trends, where the need for advanced geospatial data and automation tools in sales and marketing is more apparent than ever.

For more detailed information about the company and its journey, visit their Crunchbase profile.

Moving forward, this successful fundraising round signifies not just the potential of Map My Customers, but the ongoing innovation and growth in the wider fields of CRM and sales automation. As geospatial data continues to become more critical for businesses across various sectors, the market will be keenly watching what steps Map My Customers takes next.

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