Packed Revolutionizes College Convenience

Revolutionizing Convenience

Packed’s unique approach to providing fast and affordable convenience to college students is nothing short of impressive. By strategically placing storefronts near campuses, they are able to quickly deliver snacks, groceries, and meals to students in under 10 minutes! This is especially helpful for students who are short on time and need a quick snack or a meal before their next class.

Partnering with USD’s Food Pantry

Packed’s mission to provide affordable, fast, and convenient services to college students is admirable. But what makes them stand out from other delivery services is their social responsibility. Packed recently partnered with UCSD’s Food Pantry to power their last-mile deliveries, helping food-insecure students get their meals when they need them.

Giving Back to the Community

At Packed, they believe in giving back to their community in every way possible. That’s why, in January, they will be launching a giveaway to incentivize donations to the local food bank. Every time a student orders from their app, Packed donates a portion of the earnings to feed food-insecure students.

Packed’s Impact on the College Campus

Packed undoubtedly fills a void on college campuses across the country. With their affordable and convenient service, students are able to access snacks, groceries, and meals quickly and without breaking the bank. Not to mention, Packed’s social responsibility is something that every college student can appreciate.

Website https://www.packedstores.com/

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