Pioneering Palo Alto Mobile Startups Revolutionizing Tech Industry in 2023

Silicon Valley, located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California, USA, has long been the global hub of technology and innovation. The city of Palo Alto, in particular, stands as one of the main epicenters of this technological boom. Home to Stanford University and known to be the birthplace of tech giants like Google and Facebook, it’s no wonder it is also the domicile of a myriad of promising startups. Today, we delve into the interesting world of mobile startups based in this thriving city—each offering unique services and innovation in their particular niches, from AI to eCommerce, to smart music streaming platforms.

Mobile startups in Palo Alto come in various shapes and sizes, each with an exceptional proposition that sets them apart from the rest. We have compiled a list of a few such businesses, elaborating on their purpose, industry, founders, and how they are making an impact in the realm of mobile tech. Here we have a diverse selection, which includes Got It AI, Anycart, Viewabo, Appcircle and much more.

Not only do these startups offer innovative solutions, but they also highlight the wide variety of possibilities and innovations provided by the mobile industry. Furthermore, these groundbreaking startups open a window into the future – giving a sneak peek into what’s next in mobile technology.

Got It AI

Got It AI encompasses cutting-edge advancements in AI to introduce an Autonomous Conversational AI. Founders Amol Kelkar, Chandra Khatri, and David Chu have ventured into several industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Machine Learning, Mobile, Q&A, and SaaS to autopilot virtual agent discovery.

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Founded by Payman Nejati, Rafael Sanches, and Renato Peterman, Anycart emerges as the world’s first grocery shopping engine. It combines various facets of E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Grocery, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Shopping to deliver a unique shopping experience.


Viewabo, the invention of George Cheng, is a novel solution that allows support agents to view customer issues via their phone cameras—eliminating the need for a separate app installation.

Dmitriy Kolchin’s offers a simple and secure mobile payment solution. It targets industries like Apps, CRM, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile, and Mobile Apps.


Appcircle, the brainchild of Osman Celik and Seyfeddin Bassarac, is an automated DevOps platform. It focuses on continuous integration and continuous delivery for mobile app development.


Omid Aryan’s Melodia is a smart music streaming platform that uses AI and Machine Learning to simplify music play and exploration.


Equipped lockers, thanks to Alexander Maschmedt, Dan Mandelman, and Navjot Singh, provide users with everything they need at their workplaces, recreational spots, and residences.


Scott Cook’s Check enables its users to keep track of and pay all of their bills from their phone with a user-friendly mobile app.


TPass, the invention of Jianming Zhou, is an app-based platform that rewards users with points for foods and drinks.


DoveCard is a mobile application that allows for a digital business card exchange services.


Coopl is an AI-based dating app that assists users in finding better relationships and enhances their level of well-being.

Crowd Alerts

The Crowd Alerts mobile app delivers real-time crowd monitoring services.

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Textbot represents an order-ahead & payment system through text messages. It is akin to the Starbucks app for food & drink businesses.


GraphLI, the brainchild of Jeffery Smith and Vinodh Subramanian, provides Delivery Management Automation Software.


Aspired, the innovation of Hin Nguyen and Sunil Mishra, unites organizations, small companies, and common people.

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